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Winter Fitness Wear – Wish List

It’s the time of year when all my long-sleeved running tops come out of hibernation,  alongside my ear warmers, funky jackets, and warm socks. I understand that many people cherish the sunshine and warmth, but I love crisp cold winter mornings and endless nights.

Talking about endless nights, now the days are shorter and the mornings/evenings are darker, please don’t forget your headtorch or bike lights! I am nothing short of shocked on a daily basis by how many people fail to think about the importance of being seen. Whilst I haven’t included any reflective clothing in my guide, it is something I firmly recommend, even just a small light for your trainers helps! You can find some here

The moral of the story is, be safe and be seen – Oh, and stylish whilst you’re at it!

1, Zipped Up Black Leggings – Sweaty Betty

2, Black & Gold Tights – H&M

3, Black/mesh Tights – New Look

1, Zipped Up Hoody – Stella McCartney For Adidas

2, Pale Pink Hoody – Boohoo

3, Logo Hoody – Sweaty Betty

1, Gloves and Ear Warmers – Nike

2, Thermal Ear Warmer/headband – Sweaty Betty

3, Bobble Hat – Superdry

1, Deep Purple with side detailing – Nike

2, Aqua long-sleeved top – Asics

3, Long-sleeved glisten bamboo top – Sweaty Betty


Tell me, what’s on your winter running wish list?



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