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Pacing towards a personal best with Myprotein…

Another month, another new pair of leggings, that’s pretty much been my moto for 2020.

I can’t deny, I’ve not particularly enjoyed some of the curveballs this year has thrown my way (or should I say, our way – We’re all in this together). But one thing I have enjoyed is focusing my newly found spare time on moving my body.

Before I go on, I want you to know that I was very kindly gifted these products by Myprotein and I am absolutely elated to work with them. Primarily, because I’ve been buying and using Myprotein products for the past 6 years now and they’ve fuelled a lot of my 2020 fitness. I’m intolerant of whey and soya, so the vegan protein has been my “To Go” and don’t even get me started on my love for the kilogram tubs of peanut butter…

However, I’m not here to talk about food today, but if you do want to treat someone (or yourself!) I recommend the “Limited Edition Christmas Golden Box – I’ve heard amazing things about the Gold Bar’s, just sayin’…

Buying clothing from the same place I buy my supplements isn’t an avenue I’ve really explored before, therefore I was elated to be given the opportunity to put Myprotein’s Clothing range to the test. My initial reaction was positive, I was really surprised by the high quality of the fabric and how good the clothing looked on.

I know that the incredible dopamine high from a good workout isn’t down to how colourful your outfit is, but I’m a firm believer in anything that makes you feel good. I do wear a cropped top in the gym if the mood takes me, I love running in colourful leggings and a headband is my absolute staple.

Let’s talk about the fit; I won’t deny the leggings are a snug fit I’m a UK10 and ordered a size small, which was ideal. Especially as I detest leggings that are loose on the waist, in all honesty, a snug, high waist fit is my preference. The Velocity leggings have what I would describe as more of a compression style feel and very high quality, thick material. This is something I really like for winter running, as it adds a layer of warmth too.

The long-sleeved running top and curve bra fitted like a dream (also in size small) but I do wear a sports bra under the curve bra for higher impact workouts. I liked how each piece compliments each other so well, I felt comfortable, supported, and completely squat proof. Which, is exactly how the right outfit is meant to make you feel. I won’t deny the fact that for a long time I felt that seamless, matching sportswear was best reserved for super lean, 21-year-old Instagram models. But as a curvy, 35-year-old, searching for her next personal best, this kit and I make a great team.

I suppose the final question is, how likely am I to recommend this kit to a friend or buy it again? – Absolutely, especially due to the fact it’s so easy to add something to my basket, alongside my next peanut butter fix. My only feedback is that a pocket in the Velocity leggings would have been the ideal finishing touch, other than that I can’t find any faults at all.

You can check out the full Women’s clothing range here.



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