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How to rediscover fitness motivation…

Recently, I’ve been finding myself having several conversations with people in a fitness funk or those that feel that the motivation has just disappeared. My initial reaction is to remind ourselves that it’s been an incredibly tough year. Let’s not forget, we’re only human and life, has its peaks and lows.

I think that the trouble with social media is that at times, it can make us think we “should” be doing something. When actually just taking a slower, gentler pace, might actually be what’s important right now.

Which leads me to “Why” because there’s nearly always a reason, is it that you want to improve your mental and physical well-being? Weight loss? A way to use your new spare time?

I think once you’ve focused on your why, it’s easier to think about “How”. Of course, there are so many different ideas I could suggest, but every single person reading this will have a different preference or objective.

Then, there’s the topic of budget, equipment, time, honestly, it’s pretty easy to make excuses isn’t it?

From a personal point of view, 2020 is the year where I’ve tried lots of different workouts and trends despite the current limitations. From YouTube band workouts to dancing workouts, to Body Pump at home, changing up my running, and most recently Natacha Oceane Cut. My first recommendation would be to schedule in a few different types of movement, to come out of your comfort zone, and open yourself to the possibility of enjoying something new.

Let’s talk about finding some inspiration

This is not sponsored but I did use and enjoy a free trial of a new application called Trion which offers the following:

AI-generated 4-week programs tailored to your vitals, goal, and performance in pre-assigned tests

Over one billion unique workout combinations (never get bored!)

Access to a growing library of 800+ movements

Select between gym, resistance bands or bodyweight every session

Access an additional 150+ pre-designed workouts within Cardio, Mobility, Sport, Strength

The reason I’m mentioning this is because I was pretty impressed with how user friendly the application was and I felt that it offers good value for money (£6 PCM). However, the opportunity to try for free is a game changer right now.

Also, so many people forget what a Pandora’s box of information Pinterest is, honestly there are thousands of workouts and videos, again all for free. You can check out my main workout inspiration board *Here* there’s almost definitely something to get you moving.

In a bid to be helpful, I’ve also put together a simple, downloadable workout planner so you can print that and use it as you wish! Download Below

I hope that you’ve found this useful and remember, you don’t have to force anything. Just do what feels good for you, at a timescale that works for you.



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