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Whole Body Workout : At Home or Gym

Working out at home is my ‘thing’, I love being able to fit my workouts in with my life. I love the privacy and I even ‘love it’ when my other half laughs at me (there’s normally a reason for this).

However I wanted to create a workout that could be used at the gym or at home. My aim was to keep the movement’s simple so most people regardless of fitness level could use this. Plus, I wanted ensure everything flowed..

I’ve started with burpee’s because I actually don’t mind them, it’s lunges I hate!  With regards to weights, speeds and so on, I’d say go with what feel’s right to you. Of course, push yourself but don’t cause injury…

I’m sure I’ve asked this before, but do you prefer at home or gym workouts or a mix of both? Do you ever head to the park with your friends and workout? Although I’m not so sure that’s viable now it’s super chilly!



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