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Understanding Protein & Protein Powder

As a nation, over the past few years, we’ve become more aware of what we’re putting in our body than ever before. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that protein has fast become one of the most popular nutrients, head to any supermarket and you’ll notice that more products than ever boost the protein percentage on the front of the packet.

However, the topic of protein is still one that’s misunderstood by most people, with information kindly provided by Scitec Nutrition I’m going to break down some of these myths.

Firstly, what foods include ‘Protein’?

Well, the overall list is huge and there are plenty of wholesome, real food sources and despite what many people think, it’s certainly not hard for vegans to take in enough protein.

To give a basic outline, I’ve popped together a brief summary below:

Why do we need protein?

Our bodies require Protein as an essential aid for growth and repair of the body, not just for building muscles but every cell in our body requires protein. Don’t forget that our hair and nails are mainly main up of protein and it’s also essential for the repair of our muscles.

What Exactly Is Protein Powder?

Protein powder is an important macronutrient that has scientifically been found to be essential to building muscle mass. Incorporating protein powder into your diet can encourage your body to promote weight loss, stay lean (alongside a sensible diet and calorific defect*) and recover quickly

Myths about Protein powder and do you need protein powder?

Personally, I don’t use protein powder as a shake, but more as a supplement when I’m making my post workout meal which is normally oats or pancakes. There are days when I’ll add protein powder to my afternoon yoghurt with some fruit, especially if I want to stay satisfied for a longer amount of time. Scitec has created this handy graphic to explain some of the biggest protein powder myths.

Do you want to know more?

Scitec is a leading sports nutrition company in Europe and offers its products in 90 countries worldwide. Products range from proteins through amino acids and weight-control formulas to vitamins and minerals and much more. Scitec’s products help support and complete the daily nutrition of athletes or anybody, who partakes in sports on a regular basis. They’ve created this guide to detail protein use for women in more detail.



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