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Tips for running in the heat…

It would appear summer is here, I’m thrilled to have the sun on my skin and the craving for fresh berries and salads has really kicked in.

 But where does that leave us with working out especially running?

There is NO WAY this heat should stop us!

What are we to do? Here are my tips…

*Start Early…

I know this is hard for some people due to lifestyle and work commitments but most of us can make time at least once a week to get out the door around 7am or before if you’re that way inclined.


Because this is often when the day is coolest and a pro point is the roads/streets are quiet and then you can continue your day smug that you’ve already run.

*What about fuelling?

We all have a natural energy supply, if I’ve eaten a good meal the evening before and had at least 7 hours sleep I can run 3/4miles on a couple of coffees. If you need some fuel then wake up a little earlier or  tuck into something easier to digest. I throughly suggest something light like oatcakes or dates.

*Make a small investment – In a Water Belt…

I picked up a water belt from Sports Direct and it’s been fantastic as an efficient way to carry water and my phone. Of if that’s not your thing try a hand held, light waterbottle. 


Your body is not as efficient when you are dehydrated; running dehydrated can have serious side effects on your health. 

*Don’t wear – Cotton…

Okay, it’s not pretty but we all sweat and after a short or long run it’s unlikely you’ll finish fresh as a daisy. So choose your clothing carefully, I love the Nike ‘Dry Fit’ collection tops which are really good at wicking the sweat and keeping you comfortable.

They may not be for everyone but I love me a colourful sweat band and I’m seeing an increasing number of runners turning to baseball caps to protect heads from the sun’s rays.


Cotton absorbs water and the more you sweat the more heavy and uncomfortable your clothing will feel.

*How about Pace?

I’ve found that my pace is slower during these warmer days, for example I ran 10miles this morning which I really enjoyed but it took me 1hr 45mins as half way through we where well into the mid twenties. Personally I take the view that I will aim for a shorter distance at a reasonable rate or longer at a much slower rate and don’t worry about crunching the numbers.


It’s understood that the heat can affect us runners by dehydration (which affects your performance more than most people realise), the physiological ‘I’m so hot’ and by reduced blood flow to the muscles.

Anyway I’m off to bed ready for a another fun day in sun, feel free to share your tips so we can all help each other?



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