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Running Mistakes I’ve Made (and appear to keep on making!)

*All the kit featured within this post has been very kindly gifted by Adidas and you can check out the current Women’s collection here

Mistakes, well everyone makes mistakes right? That’s what makes us human, but are you guilty of committing the same old running mistakes as I am?

The thing is; I only have good intentions. Regardless of this, unless I’m absolutely laser-focused on one particular aim, it’s easy for me to get sidetracked. This means, that more often than I’d like to admit, I stumble across the finish line in what can only be described as a far from poised state of mind.

The most common stumbling blocks/mistakes I make are –

  1. I don’t track the mileage on my trainers – Which is a rookie error when most trainers are designed for between 400-500 miles. Also, Garmin and Strava both have a bulit in facility for this to be noted on each run. Therefore, my only excuse is being lazy, which doesn’t really make the grade.

  2. Not having a plan in place – Would you drive to a new location without Sat Nav or a map? I didn’t think so, therefore winging it without using some sort of running plan won’t always lead to the best results. This is a lesson I appear to be learning over and over again, I hope I get the memo soon!

  3. Staring at my watch like it’s the TV – Ah, this is a tricky one, because at times, when I’m busy watching my time/pace, it doesn’t actually result in me running faster. Meaning, I over analyse things and stop enjoying the whole experience. I tend to run a more enjoyable pace when I’m not actively tracking every step I make.

  1. I don’t always check the weather before I run – Okay, it’s hardly a deal breaker but sometimes not dressing correctly can really impact my mood and focus. There’s nothing worse than having to faff with layers or spending the miles and minutes wishing I had just worn the shorts. By the way, I feel the need to add that these Adidas tank tops are perfect for running, as they’re light, roomy and super comfortable.

  2. Comparing my training to someone else – We’re all different, in terms of our training needs, our lifestyle, schedules and ability. Being unique is our super power and it’s high time we reminded ourselves of that on a more regular basis.

  3. Stages of inconsistency – If you want something, you need to keep working forwards that goal. At times, the biggest impact will come from being consistent and just showing up for yourself. That doesn’t mean being perfect or hitting the exact same weekly mileage. But by aiming for general consistency it’s far easier to maintain a reasonable level of running fitness.

Running in Adidas tights, tank and trainers - Taken in Northampton.

  1. Changing Nutrition and hydration – Since training as a Nutritionist, one thing I take seriously is my fuelling strategy. Of course this is entirely unique but I’m consistently learning how to stay in tune with my body and it’s needs, I do just want to add, thisis not something we need to complicate. However, it’s worth knowing that the more considerately you fuel your workouts, chances are you’ll have better levels of energy and recovery.

  2. Not changing up my routes enough – Sometimes running the same route is ideal, but every so often it’s important to run in different areas. At times, all we need is a simple change of scenery to shake up how we feel about running again.

Well, I think that’s enough for today, maybe it’s time to stop writing about my running mistakes and actually acting on them. So, I’m going to sign off here, start tracking my trainer mileage and maybe head out for a run?



*All kit featured within this post has been kindly gifted by AdidasAll content is my own. I only feature brands that I genuinely buy myself and honestly recommend.

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