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Swimming In Lac de Passy

When G and I decided to escape to Chamonix for a week, I felt that this would be the ideal opportunity for me to take my new found love of open water swimming across the border.

You might think about visiting Chamonix, for the primary focus of Mont Blanc and the fact it’s the perfect hub for slightly more extreme sports such as climbing, skiing, hiking, alongside off-road running and cycling. I won’t lie, I completely understand and felt the same for many years. Being in the mountains puts everything into perspective, and brings out the very best in me. There’s something about being in the fresh Alpine air that means I can change up my focus and allow my everyday problems to drift away.

There are many reasons as to why I rarely climb these days, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to find something that would take my breath away. After some research, I found Lac de Passy and only being a 20-minute drive away from Chamonix I thought “this could work”.

With open water swimming, I rediscovered a part of me that I thought I had lost when I stopped climbing. Being able to combine my love of the mountains and my new found love of swimming felt like a match made in heaven, which is why Lac de Passy was such a perfect location.

Why should you visit Lac du Passy?

Lac de Passy is the biggest lake in the Mont-Blanc valley created solely for leisure and swimming. One end is home to a glorious sandy beach, and the lake stretches just over a kilometer, so everyone can enjoy the pleasure of the water. The lake is surrounded by a path which is the perfect place to walk, run or cycle. This would be the ideal location for a triathlete to train. Or for somewhere to camp as a family and enjoy a whole range of activities such as windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding or fishing.

Was the water cold? Would this be a suitable location for beginners?

Much to our surprise, the water was so warm that we would have been just as comfortable swimming without our wetsuits. The beach area allows for a swallow, sandy start point which means that the lake is ideal for paddling or for people wanting to stay closer to the shore.

I do have to say that hand on heart, this was one of the most enjoyable swims to date, and not one weed in site to get tangled in.

Do you have to pay to swim?

No, amazingly the swimming or sunbathing is completely free, all you pay for is parking and/or the water sports such as windsurfing or stand up paddleboarding.

Can you tell me more?

I have to credit the wonderful people at Simply Swim for encouraging me to leave my comfort zone and start open water swimming, and I’ve written a more detailed review on their blog. You can find out more about Lac du Passy and the exact location here.

I love sharing my adventures with you, at the start of 2018 I never imagined that I’d make a return to the pool, let alone try open water swimming. If I can encourage one person to head to the pool or try leaving their comfort zone and going for a swim in the open water, I’ll consider myself successful.

Remember, it’s not about speed, or distance or even the location, it’s about being in the moment and enjoying moving your body in nature.


Have you ever included open water swimming as part of your holiday?



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