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Strawberry Super Food Smoothie

Smoothies are not something I could really get my head around, sure they are trendy and super convenient, but for me?

No thanks, give me a real meal.

 I suppose if I’m honest, I have always been in a mindset that I could not perceive a drink as a meal and maybe I never will. However, when I was feeling really under the weather and in need of a superfood hit a smoothie seemed like a good option to try.

Another thing was that I didn’t actually own a blender, I know, I know but then I made space for a Nutri-bullet and the whole game changed! 

This is pretty straightforward, but feel free to create a party – You could add in Banana, avocado, extra ice or whatever takes your fancy, but sometimes simple really is best.

Strawberry Super Food Smoothie


One packet of strawberries – Around 15

One scoop of vanilla protein shake

250ml Almond Milk (I use unsweetened)

One teaspoon maca powder

One teaspoon lumca powder

Some spinach leaves (your choice how much)

A teaspoon of chia seeds

A teaspoon of calco nibs


Blend your strawberries, spinach and almond milk until smooth, stir in the maca, lumca, protein chia and calco then leave in the fridge for 10 minutes so the smoothie thickens  and enjoy cold with a old fashioned straw. 


Do you make smoothies often? Do you find they fill you up until lunch or did you enjoy with a light breakfast like I did?



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