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~Banana Flapjack Bake~

I know people don’t really like too much pre-amble whilst searching for a new recipe, but before I share this Banana Flapjack Bake. I want to share a short story on how this recipe came to life. I recently purchased a multi-pack of “Salted Caramel Almond Oats” and got myself ready for a taste sensation. Only to be left pondering if the package might have somehow, been mislabelled or I was grossly miss-sold.  ⠀

Of course, I will never waste food, so I stormed through the whole experience like the absolute trooper that I am. But it reminded me of a small, yet highly valuable lesson – Life really is too short for a bad breakfast. So, with this in mind, I created this lovingly simply, yet delicious breakfast bake and all of a sudden, everything was good with the world again.

~Banana Flapjack Bake~

(Serves 4 or 2 ) ⠀ One ripe Banana⠀ 60g Protein Powder (I use Myprotein)⠀ 30g Almond Or Peanut Butter⠀ Sprinkle of ginger & cinnamon⠀ 1 Flax egg (or normal egg)⠀ 80g Oats⠀ 20g Chia Seeds⠀ 120-160ml water (See notes)⠀ Method:⠀ Start by blending the banana, protein powder & water – Start steady with the water as we’re looking for a really thick/dense mix. ⠀ Then. in a large bowl, mix in the oats, spice, chia & “egg” – Now pour in the wet mix & combine until you have a smooth batter. Add in the nut butter & combine again, pour into a lined tin & refrigerate for an hour. ⠀ Now, oven bake at 180 degrees & bake for around 20-25 minutes (until the top is golden brown). Allow to cool & slice into 4 & serve. Best stored in the fridge & freezes well too! ⠀ Macros Per Serving – 245cal – 24g Carbs – 9.3g Fat – 16g Protein (Based on 4 servings & the products I used)


If you don’t ever want to get caught out with a disappointing bowl of oats, might I recommend you check out my free e-book?



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