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The Best Soya Free – Vegan Protein Bar’s

My inspiration for this post came from my simple frustration with Vegan Protein bars. Well, actually quite simply, just finding a tasty, reasonably priced, vegan protein bar, but without soya. Should be easy right? Hmmm, as a matter of fact, it’s not as straightforward as expected.

We’ll start with why do so many companies use soya…?

Soya is relatively cheap, low in calories, high in protein and low in carbohydrates and fats. Which provides a “Macro Friendly” substitute in many vegan/plant based meals. Alongside this, isolated soy proteins are used to emulsify fat and bind water which means that a bar or cake can retain a moist texture.

This isn’t always a bad thing…

I love the taste of most soya protein, tofu, and vegan substitutes and for many people, soya is the ideal protein source for a plant/vegetarian-based lifestyle. Despite this, I discovered that soya was responsible for my digestive discomfort, bloating, and feelings of nausea. It was time for us to break up, it wasn’t me, it was soya.

It was only then, I realised just how tricky avoiding soya actually is…

Frustratingly, it’s only when you have to avoid an ingredient that you realise how regularly it’s sneaked into some of our favourite kitchen staples. Coupled with the fact I follow a high protein diet and cannot tolerate whey. I was utterly stumped on how I was going to work in delicious, high protein bars and treats AND somehow avoid soya.

Which this in mind, I’ve spent the past few months buying and trying some of the most popular soya-free and whey-free, protein bars on the market.

Here are my favourites-

I purchased the salted caramel, peanut, and hazelnut bars, and whilst they all taste pretty similar, it’s got to be said they are truly delicious. Rich dark chocolate encloses the most scrumptious nutty center. Packing in 10g of natural protein and around 215 calories a bar.

*Note – I was super excited by the “Better Brownies” but they contain soya. Alongside this, there’s the option to buy smaller bars if you’re looking for a low-calorie option.

It is with great sadness, I write that MyVegan stopped producing the most INCREDIBLE high protein peanut butter cups. Hand on heart, I would have brought 50 had I known. Alas, the “Pea-Nut” square is a wholesome and delicious vegan protein bar. Personally, I preferred the orange flavour over the berry. These are slightly lower in carbs. But pack in a delicious 12g of protein, around 225calories, and are ideal for on the go.

*Note – Most of the MyVegan treats include soya, however, if you can tolerate a small amount the gooey-filled cookie is worth the pain. Also, there are nearly always discounts around. Also, I noticed MyVegan ambassadors have 37% discount codes too. It’s genuinely worth 5 minutes of research for a saving.

Admittedly, Pulsin is not the Vegan protein bar on the list. I recommend checking your local Tesco (with the protein powders/bars) to see if there’s a deal on buying them as single bars. But, they are very satisfying and I love the chocolate chunks, they are also gluten-free, pack in 12g protein, and around 230 calories. My personal favourite is definitely the “Vanilla, Choc, Almond”.

*Note – A cheaper lower protein option is the “High Fibre Brownie, you can buy a pack of 3 for £1.50 and these are really good!

Tribe is one of my newest finds, I love the brand ethics and there’s clearly a whole lot of love and consideration going into these products. Alongside, the fact there’s so much more choice! “The Nut Butter Triple Decker bars” are not too sweet but have lots going on which is great fun. There’s 8g of protein, 9g carbs, and just under 200 calories per bar.

*Note – I suggest ordering a taster box to get a feel for what you like from the brand. On a side note, I found the chocolate protein powder super bitter and wouldn’t recommend it.

I do wish to add, this post does not feature any sponsored content and all bars have been purchased myself. If you fancy making your own high-protein brownies, I’d recommend you take a look at this recipe.

Happy Eating!

Katie x

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