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Sport is for Every Body…

Sport IS for everybody, the only boundaries are the ones you set yourself. Regardless of this fact, I still see and hear of many people saying things along the lines of ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t like running or going to the gym so I don’t bother‘. Which is why the latest campaign by Decathlon is changing the game with individual fitness stories from people who are not only relatable but also inspiring.

My fitness journey started 10 years ago, with me jog/walking the same 2-mile loop 4 times a week in a bid to lose weight, I still remember the route as if it was only yesterday. Wind, rain, and shine I plodded on, regardless of the comments about my weight, the fact that it felt like I wasn’t ever going to speed up or reach my goal. Slowly, but surely I was able to walk less and run more, I’d spend my evenings on the cross trainer whilst watching MTV and dreamed of one day running a 30 minute 5km. If only I’d known what my future, with some time, effort and patience would hold…

Over the years I’ve run a 5km PB of 25.01, taken part in various half marathons, completed obstacle course races, turned up at most of the ‘popular classes‘ including body pump, barre, boot camp, and clubbersize. I tried to relax into a downward dog at my local yoga class and felt my abs set on fire during pilates. I learned to ‘ski’ (to an extent), I learned to climb (rock, ice, and alpine), fell madly in love with hiking around new places and started open water swimming. I brought the trendy fitness DVD’s, made HIIT training a part of my life and downloaded various programs in a bid to make me ‘bikini ready’.

What I didn’t realize is that sport wasn’t just about my body, it was about my mind and how it made me feel. I’d be busy transitioning through so many different activities and I’d somehow forgotten to focus on what set’s my soul on fire. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, what color your trainers are, ask yourself :

Are you having fun?

Are you feeling good about yourself?

Do you need to improve or can you just be satisfied with the blissful feeling of movement?

When you get the chance to watch our personal stories, you’ll learn that many of us have transitioned through various different sports. But what will really stand out is how our expressions change when we walk about the sports we feel most passionate about. Making sport accessible and fun for everyone is at the forefront of Decathlon’s brand, not only with cost-effective equipment but an amazing array of clothing too.

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How has sport changed your life?



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