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Run like a banana


Have you ever considered how much more fun we have, when we think no one is watching?

They tell us to dance like no one’s watching…

To run like no one’s watching…

Eat like no one’s watching…

But what if you want people to watch? What if you’re not actually afraid to be unique and stand out?

Too many of us (myself included) avoid certain situations because we don’t want to look silly, because we are worried people may laugh or judge.

Therefore, it’s my pleasure to introduce Pete, whose hobbies include training run’s and races, dressed as a banana.

Run like a banana – Q & A with Pete From Sprint Kitchen 

I am Pete. A 31 year old web developer by day, running and cooking maniac by nightfall. When I am not sat in an office being a bit of a geek, I can be spotted running the streets, sometimes dressed as a giant banana. If I am not there, look for the nearest wok. I may very well be connected at the end where the handle is located.

Firstly, what made you think ‘I really could do with a banana costume’ in my running wardrobe?

Having ran 10km per day for 30 days dressed as Buddy The Elf last year, it had been a few months since I did anything that might raise public concern and I felt the need to spread some joy again. When I did my fancy dress running up and down the high street last December, I did it to raise money for charity and the locals gave me such incredible support that I really wanted to do it again but this time just to put smiles on faces, and I can tell you that it certainly does that!

Doesn’t everyone have a banana outfit in their cupboard? (Erm, can’t say I do Pete…)


Where was your first run dressed as a banana? & have you ever set a PB whilst dressed as a bright yellow fruit high in potassium?

My first run was in Glossop, Derbyshire, running 10km up and down the high street. I had just returned from holiday after a full day flying, and went to the fancy dress shop on my way to the supermarket and purchased the outfit. The following day I popped it on and went running near my work place. You can’t be too self-conscious if you are planning on doing this!

In terms of an actual running event, I have only worn it during the Manchester 10km race a few weeks ago and the support I received during the run was stunning, it really was. Running that race as a banana is like having your own fan club cheering you along every 25 metres or so. I cannot explain what a warm, positive feeling that gave me whilst I ran. Immense!


I have also ran a few Parkruns at Manor Park, Glossop in the outfit. Although I am not doing this so much now as I think it actually discourages some people who feel like they are doing great until a banana runs past them. This quite simply doesn’t fit in with the banana’s positive spirit. It is all about encouraging people and making people smile, so I now reserve it for random runs around the streets instead.

I have not yet done a PB in the outfit. I did get a 5k PB last year in my Elf outfit though! That was about 3 weeks into my 1 month challenge 🙂

Is running as a banana comfortable? Do you overheat?

The outfit doesn’t cause too much discomfort. I have had to pin it in a few places above the head so that it sits correctly on my face, otherwise I would be running blindly! The temperature is certainly something to consider if you are looking at running in fancy dress. I am unsure how much hotter it is in there but I am fairly confident I could grow tomatoes in it during a run! Ever tried to run in a sauna? It’s a similar experience!

I understand a big part of running dressed as a banana is to bring joy to others, can you share any stories with us?

The most recent story would be this week. I ran after work dressed as the banana on Friday. Having been itching to go for a run all day, I put the suit on in the office and headed straight out of the door! When I arrived home later that evening, I had a Facebook message on my wall from a lady who expressed her Mother’s joy at seeing me run from the window of the nursing home in which she lives due to suffering with Alzheimer’s. This literally made my day!


I have also had many others send me messages on Facebook. Usually they are just a quick hello, mentioning that their kids have seen me running and it made their day or they couldn’t stop laughing. Sure, I also get looks from people who think I am absolutely mental but in all honesty, that is just as much fun!

So, you’re a bit of a foodie, fancy sharing your favourite speedy banana recipe?

Yes, food is a huge part of my life. I absolutely love it and along with running and fitness, it occupies the rest of my thinking space most days. The question is, do I eat bananas? A banana eating a banana? What the?! Of course I eat bananas! They are great before and after a run or workout. My favourite way to consume them is probably in protein pancakes. You can find my recipe for these here.

Thanks a bunch Pete! (So witty…)

Whilst I sit here and consider if I could ever run in fancy dress you can check out Pete’s blog *Sprint Kitchen*

Or follow Pete on TwitterInstagramFacebook 

Have you ever ran a race in fancy dress before? If so, what did you wear?



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