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Rockingham 10km – The One I Never Finished…

Before I start rambling, I need to say that I’m trying to keep this as light hearted as possible…

When I consider the terrible situations of late, the fact I tripped over during a race pales into insignificance.

The good thing is, I did have a good day because I got to run in the wind, talk to some lovely people from the UK Run Chat Community and at least I can run. Well, not right now…but in my head I’m running fast in a beautiful landscape and feeling on top of the world, until my phone goes and reminds me that I’m in a bit of pickle but never mind.

Let’s talk about the day…

I woke up feeling refreshed after a week of feeling under the weather, I’d had some slow runs on the build up to the event and I was in the mood to reach a reasonable time. I popped on my most comfortable running kit, laced my new trainers, packed a change of clothing encase it rained and headed to Rockingham Race Track with G to run the 10km.

Once we were there I met the lovely Joanna from Tea Cups and Trainers and Jodie in the highly glamorous location of the ladies toilets. If, this was not a race it would sound most peculiar and maybe even a little suspect but come on reader – Pre race nerves meant I had to visit the loo at least 300 times before I ran.

Before I knew it we were starting, the wind was rather forceful and I made a mental note to try for a fast first 5km while I felt fresh and then finish with a steady more enjoyable 5km to end with a smile. I started off a lot faster than I should of and soon eased my pace right off to a comfortable point, suddenly we were back at the start and I saw G which always makes me smile.

At this point Joanna was running next to me which was a great feeling, we had a similar 10km PB (which she smashed on the day!) and I knew if I could keep her in my vision I’d hold  a good pace and finish on a respectable time. The wind got stronger and I knew that I had two options, drop back my pace and then push at the end or drop back and stop thinking about a PB.

My plan was working, I was running to a marker and I was then going to slow for a minute and then really push for the final mile….

I was close to my medal, I was going to talk to some more UK Run Chat folk, I was considering my reward meal options

Then I completely lost my footing and fell, I got myself up (feeling rather stupid) and felt the blood trickling down my knee and saw the rip in my tights. ‘Never mind’ I told myself and went to slowly potter to the finish. Then I felt a seriously sharp pain in my ankle and I realised I could risk really hurting myself or I could pull out.

I pulled out of the race. I staggered across the track and spent a few minutes resting on the water station whilst finding the strength to plod back across to the garages near the start. I was offered help but I felt stubborn, embarrassed and not really worthy of bothering anyone. A very kind runner went and found G for me (thank you lovely chap) and I sat in my car feeling desperately sorry for myself whilst G returned my chip and explained the situation.

During the afternoon I felt pretty sorry for myself, I spent the rest of the day with my foot elevated and used the time trying to relax. Then, at around 8.30pm I was hit with the most hideous spasms of pain in my ankle, I tried gritting my teeth, icing up and so on….

Finally G felt the right thing to do was carry me up to bed (I couldn’t weight bear at all) and I absolutely sobbed my heart out. If I’m honest, it was a mix of pain, self-pity, and frustration. It wasn’t about getting a medal or finishing, it was more about not being able to enjoy my everyday activity or potter around doing my jobs.

Hopefully my ankle will heal within a few weeks and I’ll find ways to stay active without putting any pressure on my ankle; I’ll weight train whilst sitting on the bench, I might even swim or unwind with some yoga!

I would like to thank all the wonderful UK Run Chat Twitter folk who tweeted with so many kind comments. Joanna for acting as a beautiful peach pacer (even though she had no idea!) and all the people who volunteered at the event.

Also, slightly slushy and off topic but I’d like to thank G as today is our 3 year anniversary! He has stood around in the cold waiting at many races, when we bought our dream home he agreed to let me convert the study to a gym. He tries not to complain when I thump on the treadmill at 6am or when I disappear on most Sunday mornings to run rather than sitting in bed with coffee and conversation. Plus the fact I have endearing habits such as filling the washing basket with gym kit and photographing most our evening meals..

Did you race this weekend? I have seen many PB’s and huge congrats to you all – Please feel free to brighten my day and share your successes!



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