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Raw Molten Lava Cakes

I make no secret of the fact I have a very sweet tooth. I have been known to eat white foods such as white bread, white pasta, white sugar, gasp…white flour…Sorry but I fail miserably with diet plans.

Yet when making a desert we don’t always need to turn to those ingredients to create something sensationally rich, indulgent tasting and chocolately.

Whilst surfing around on the internet I came across this raw food blog; I started reading becoming fascinated by the ethics and simplicity of the eating style. I would be out right fibbing If I did not mention I was lured in further by the incredible looking deserts.

I rejoiced in the fact that my kitchen cupboard contained many of the main ingredients of nuts, dried fruits, tofu, honey and coco which led me to try out a raw desert recipe myself. Because I’m worth it right?

Admittedly at first I was apprehensive it seemed involved and I’d never used coconut oil before and part of me was expecting a huge mess (which I would have just eaten from the bowl regardless). But it was very easy, my processor did all the hard work for me, the coconut oil was a dream to work with (I had no cacao butter) and the desert was ready in under 30 minutes without me even turning on the oven.

This is not a low calorie option, the nuts and fruit provide good natural sugars and fats and whilst a calorie is still a calorie the source of energy and nutrition from this desert is hugely superior to something brought in Tescos.

As I was unable to make any tweaks or serious changes to this recipe I feel It would be sensible to link you to the original recipe *here*

I am sorry I don’t have a picture of the centre but someone swooped in with a spoon whilst I was setting it up to photograph *humph*

Here are my notes which may come in handy…

*As these deserts take shape using a cupcake tin I lined mine with Clingfilm to make removal easy.

*I used Green & Blacks cocopowder over cacao nibs and I used coconut oil over cacao butter.

*I used agrave nectar over normal honey/maple syrup as its lower G.I and less likely to put me on a sugar high (this is just a personal preference)

*These can be frozen, make sure they are well wrapped and eat within a month.

Here are the nutrition facts but these may vary on the brand of ingredients you use (this is based on 3  good sized cakes) – 

Calories – 413

Carbs – 35g

Fat – 25g

Protein – 9g

Salt – 0g

Sugar – 24g  I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine? Have you ever tried making ‘raw’ food before? My raw cookies are the ultimate pre:workout snack for me right now!  Katie x

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