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Pork, Butter bean and Asparagus Salad

On Thursday night, whilst I was getting ready for bed G commented that his colleagues think it’s strange that we don’t always eat the same meal in the evening. Quick as a flash I quipped ‘I hope you told them that regardless of this I do make you dinner a few times a week’, he remained adamant it was strange.

There is a few simple reasons we don’t always eat the same; often I will eat lightly in the evening as I’ve been having larger lunches lately and G does not have to eat with care, naturally slim and athletic, he can set a PB after pie and mash.

Hold that thought, pie and mash? Now that does sound like something to bookmark for another day.

Where was I? Okay, back to salad. I knew we had some pork medallion’s in the freezer and some basic salad in the fridge which led to the thought process of ‘I’ll grab some butter beans and cucumber and whip up a Friday evening dinner we can both enjoy’. Salad does not have to be ‘boring’, there are so many way’s to create a main meal based around salad that is high in protein, balanced with carb’s and vibrant vegetables.

Food for thought?  

I was thinking how I could improve on this salad; maybe some apple chunks could be added? Or a dash of honey whilst frying the onions, peppers and pork? Plus I would suggest a vegetarian option of avocado or tofu instead of pork..

As this is so fast and easy to make it does make me question why some restaurants come up with such poor excuses for salad, they don’t have to be laden with fatty dressing, cheese or bacon…But they are nice additions.

“Pork, Butter bean & Asparagus Salad”



120g Butter Beans

Mixed Salad Leaves

1 Grated Carrot

8 Stalks of asparagus

Half a cucumber

6 Pork Medallions

Half a large red onion

Half a bell pepper

Olive Oil for frying

Pepper & Paprika (to taste)

Dressing of choice


Finely slice the onion and pepper and set aside whilst you heat olive oil in your frying pan, once hot place the pepper and onion in the pan with the pork, season to taste.

Fill two bowls with the salad leaf’s, grate the carrot and add in, add cucumber and butter beans then set aside.

Once the pork is almost ready, place the asparagus on the boil, make sure it’s well drained and serve warm on top of the salad with the pork, fried onion and pepper.

Is salad something you eat often? Do you and your partner eat the same meals?



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