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‘Mince Pie’ Oatmeal

When I was younger, I hated mince pies, I couldn’t understand the attraction and always swayed toward the tub of Quality Street. Afterall, chocolate was my reliable friend, always there and always tasty, grabbed in glitzy wrappers and suitably festive.

With time, my tastes changed and I developed a love for buttery pastry, soft sweet dried fruit and sticky iced toppings and my love of mince pies has been strong ever since. Until this year, I’d never considered buying a jar of mincemeat but then it dawned on me, I could start my day’s with something rather special. When I say special, that often translate’s into something tasty and sweet.

Whilst it might sound strange adding mincemeat to oats, you’ll have to trust me when I say that it really works perfectly. The sweetness of the fruit boosts really boosts the oats, I added a creamy element with the addition of coconut milk and sprinkled coconut and seeds – Just because! 

This is a great way to enjoy that mince pie taste for breakfast or use up any excess mincemeat you might have in your cupboard.


  1. *70g Oats

  2. *One tablespoon of coconut milk (from the can or you can use coconut milk from the carton if you’d rather) plus water, or milk of your choice (around 100-120ml)

  3. * 20g Mincemeat

  4. *Toppings such as nuts, seeds, coconut or nut butter


  1. Place the oats in a heatproof bowl or into a pan on the hob, mix in the coconut milk and/or milk and cook for two minutes, making sure that you stop and stir every 30 seconds.

  2. Top with mincemeat, or mix in and add any additional toppings that you desire.

Tell me, do you like mince pies? What’s your favourite festive snack?



P.s, if you’re looking for more festive nibbles you might like this recipe

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