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How to – Make custom Easter Eggs

“I had eggs for breakfast”

“Oooooh, what kind?”

“Custom eggs with smarties and marshmallows, I have no regrets”

I love chocolate; you can eat it at any time, from any age, it’s entirely legal, relatively cheap and brings a smile to most people’s faces.

Whilst we’re on the subject of chocolate, here’s an interesting chocolate fact for you:

In 1930 Ruth Wakefield realised she was out of baker’s chocolate and mixed some broken piece’s of Nestle chocolate into her cookie dough, expecting the chocolate to be absorbed and create chocolate cookies. Instead, she accidentally created chocolate chip cookies and later sold the idea to Nestle in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate. Source

One the best things about chocolate is that nine times out of ten, it’s a gift that’ll be well received and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Whilst Easter Eggs are relativity cheap and very accessible there’s lots of wasted packaging and predictable, plain uninteresting chocolate. Of course, more and more places offer gourmet options, but what could be better than making your own?

I threw together 2 whole Easter Eggs, or 4 halves if you will – Laden with thick milk chocolate, smarties, dolly mixture, Reeses peanut butter cups, marshmallows and dime bars. Indulgent, easy to personalise and ready in no time at all.

If I’m honest, custom eggs can be as complicated or simple as you want to make them…

I used Tesco value milk chocolate, as this tempers better than household brands, pop your chocolate snobbery to one side, tempered chocolate always tastes better. I then went on a rampage in the sweet aisle and selected the kind of fillings my inner child would adore.

Do you remember when Easter Eggs were actually filled with sweets? My nostalgic mind missed those days, you knew they were there but,  I still had to crack open the egg, just to be sure…

Here are my tips for Easter Egg success:

*If you want a colourful egg, use candy melts or marble milk, white and dark chocolate.

*Temper chocolate slowly, overheating will burn the chocolate and I firmly recommend melting using a microwave and heating the chocolate on ‘defrost‘. Pause every minute to check and stir, it should only take around 4-7 minutes depending on how much chocolate you are tempering.

*Always temper more chocolate than you need and work quickly, a little coconut oil helps if you need to temper chocolate for the second time.

*Store the eggs in the fridge once they’ve been made, as tempered chocolate becomes more suspectable to melting.

*I grabbed my chocolate egg moulds from Hobby Craft, but most places such as eBay and Amazon retail these too.


  1. 300g Chocolate

  2. 20g Mini Marshmallows

  3. 25g Mini Smarties

  4. 2x Peanut Butter Cups

  5. 30g Dolly Mix

  6. 1 Dime Bar


  1. Set aside 4 Easter Egg moulds – Also, unwrap any sweets, marshmallows or chocolate bars your using.

  2. Slowly temper the chocolate using a mircowave or on the stove with a heatproof bowl, over a medium to low heat.

  3. Once the chocolate has tempered, using a table spoon, cover the moulds with an even layer of chocolate. Then whilst the chocolate is still cooling, add all the additions and another drizzle of chocolate (if required).

  4. Place the egg into the fridge /freezer to set and then enjoy.

Have you ever made your own Easter Eggs before? What would you fill your’s with?



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