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Crispy Chocolate Marshmallow Bars

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever grow out of my slightly childish habits, like laughing at memes, openly enjoying Disney and craving sugar-laden bars, created for kids. On reflection, I then realize that there’s no reason why I should grow out of these habits, what is life without simple pleasures? After all, I’m not harming anyone and chocolate is good for the soul.

I can’t lie, these bars have taken a little time and ‘development’, my first batch was made with sugar-free marshmallows and they tasted well, quite frankly disgusting. Nothing like a mouthful of mushy rice crispies with that faux sugar aftertaste, don’t do it. The second time, I badly burnt the saucepan and it was a slightly smoky, stressful affair with not enough chocolate and let me tell you this, not enough chocolate is a bad situation.

You need to move quickly whilst making these because the marshmallow and chocolate burn’s FAST – I recommend moving all small children, pets and tripping objects out of the way first.

I was trying to deal with a sticky marshmallow and heat situation, with the background noise of G asking me to come into the living room and admire how sweetly him and Lily where huddled. Which led to me shouting “In a minute” whilst desperately trying to avoid setting off the smoke alarm and mix everything together in record time. By the way, it was worth the rush, they did look extremely sweet or maybe I was slightly high on adrenalin, marshmallows, and chocolate. Who knows?

My top tip – Set everything out in advance, you need chocolate, not stress my friend.

[yumprint-recipe id=’21’]

Another selling point of these bars is that they are great for Jenga, okay, maybe that’s a little too childish. But regardless, it made me smile and that’s the whole point of these sticky sweet treats.


What’s your favorite “To Go” bar right now?



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