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Chunky Dark Chocolate, Coconut and Almond Bar

I like love chocolate and I’ve been feeling under the weather this week so, I was seeking a chocolate covered energy boost..

Oh, who am I kidding? I have chocolate or something sweet everyday…I don’t smoke, I very rarely drink, please just let me eat without judgement?

Yesterday, I was hit with the cold hard reality that I’d finished off my box of Booja-Booja truffles, I’d finished my Prestat Red Velvet truffles and I was out of Nakd Coca Orange – Dam, there’s a bit of a theme here..

Like most people I do enjoy a everyday confectionery counter chocolate bar, sometimes only a Cadbury Twirl will hit the spot. Nonetheless I do like something a little more satisfying. This bar is extremely easy to make, minimal fuss, limited ingredients and allows you to be creative if you so wish – The best part? A few chunks will really hit the spot!

I was led to this wonderful chocolate mould by Georgie from GOTSA and there’s the link if you fancy one. Whilst your on Amazon check if the Pip’n’Nut Coconut Almond Butter is on offer too!

I would firmly recommend making this recipe with very dark chocolate, mainly because I think it would be a little sickly otherwise. I’ve stated ‘pip and nut – coconut almond’ as my nut butter of choice. Due to the fact it’s beautifully salty/sweet and I’m absolutely head over heels about that combination…If you get creative, let me know what you try?

Chunky Dark Chocolate Coconut and Almond Bar


*Makes one chunky bar

60g Dark Chocolate

15g Coconut Oil (melted)

20g Coconut Almond Butter

10g  Dessicated Coconut

15g Dessert/Casein Protein (I used vanilla)


Firstly melt 40g of dark chocolate and coat the mould, so that it acts as a ‘shell’ – Place in the fridge until firmly set

Then once the chocolate is set (please, leave it in the mould or you’ll get in a terrible mess). Melt the coconut oil and stir in the almond butter, add in protein powder and coconut and mix until combined.

Fill the chocolate shell with the coconut mix and return to the fridge for around 30minutes.

Finally melt the remaining chocolate (20g or more if you would like a chunky base) and cover the filling with chocolate so that all the dreamy nutty centre is enclosed in dark chocolate.

Return to fridge and allow to set – Dig in and pat yourself on the back for making a delicious chocolate bar!


Question time: Do you ever buy standard chocolate bar’s? What is your bar of choice? Or do you hold back and make your own or buy high cocoa content etc?



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