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Carrot Cake Oats

My mother makes the best ever carrot cake; hands down there is simply no competition.

I forget just how good it is, the subtle spices, the dried fruit and dreamy cream cheese frosting, a few bites and I’ve even forgotten about chocolate cake and almost forgotten about brownies.

But how about this?

Carrot cake for breakfast? ‘What is this nonsense?’  I hear you say..

There is something about the grated carrot, creamy oats, spices, nut milk, a touch of protein powder and dried fruit that makes this the perfect breakfast that can be eaten hot or cold.

I love adding vegetables to sweeter foods, beetroot in brownies or chocolate cake, courgette in cake or flapjack and now I’m grating carrot into my oat’s – Frankly I have no issues reaching my 5 a day!

Right now I’m trying to battle an addiction to dried fruit, call me crazy! (I am slightly) but honestly I was eating it up to 6 times a day in various forms and I feel that my only option is to go ‘cold turkey’. Therefore when I make this tomorrow It’ll be without my beloved sultana’s and it just won’t be the same but don’t let me stop you, I’ll just sulk in the corner…


50g Oats

1 Grated Carrot

Mixed Spice (Nutmeg – Cinnamon) to taste

15g Sultana’s

Almond Milk (to taste)

1 Teaspoon vanilla protein powder (optional)

1 Teaspoon honey/maple syrup/agave


Place all your dry ingredients into a bowl, pour on the milk and sweetener and stir until everything is combined and then refrigerate overnight to allow the oats to become more creamy.

Eat hot or cold and within 24 hours


Does winter make you crave warming breakfasts? I love nothing more than starting the day with oat’s or if I have time scrambled egg and sweet potato cubes (it’s excellent – try it!). My favorite running breakfast right now is freshly toasted bagels with oodles of nut butter and jam…is it breakfast time yet?



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