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Accidentally Vegan Fruity Cakes…

Let me start with some wise words – If there’s a whisk there’s a way…

I’m treating baking as my own personal therapy right now, there’s something so gloriously rewarding about the creation of something delicious to eat. I love every process, from weighing out the flour to peaking in at the oven and licking the cake batter from the bowl.

I bake to make our little world a better place, being inside all the time can be tough and with food shortages on staples such as eggs. I’m being more creative with how I bake, focusing on using only things we have in store, now is not a time for excess.

If simple recipes that use very little ingredients are something that might interest you, please check out my “Quarantine Lunch Post”. Where I make a soup with leftovers and the easiest little bread rolls, without yeast and in less than 20 minutes!

This cake recipe is fantastic, no seriously hear me out is, it really is! You can use absolute kitchen basics, it’s accidentally vegan, extremely cost-effective and the perfect vehicle for any extra’s you fancy.

This recipe has been adapted from this one by The Petite Cook

You will need:

300ml water

80ml plant-based milk (can use water if you don’t have any in!)

80ml vegetable oil

1.5 tsp Vanilla Extract

370g Flour

2 tsp Baking Powder

240g Sugar

80g Frozen/Fresh Fruit/Dried Fruit (optional)

This makes one standard-sized cake, or 12 generously sized cupcakes.


Start by preheating your oven to 180 degrees and start shifting the flour into a large mixing bowl, then add in the baking powder and sugar, mix all the dry ingredients together. Then add in the wet ingredients, which are the water, milk, vegetable oil and vanilla, mix vigorously until everything is fully combined.

Now add in the optional extras such as fruit (or chocolate chips, nuts, seeds, whatever you fancy really) and bake for 20/25 minutes for cupcakes or around 40/45 minutes for a cake. The easiest way to check if your cake is fully baked is by just popping in a skewer and checking that it comes out clean.

Allow the cake to cool and serve right away, or freeze for a later date.

Katie x

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