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10 Minute No Equipment Workout

As you may know I’m a massive advocate of a having a healthy heart and body, so I was delighted to be contacted by ‘’ to create a workout that would help keep heart’s healthy and support British Heart Foundation. When you look into the key points of preventing heart disease it’ll come as no surprise they are healthy eating, staying active, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping stress under control.

Not having a gym membership or any gym equipment at home should never stop you from being able to enjoy a workout, therefore today I’m sharing my favourite 10 minute at home workout.

My recommendation is that this workout can be completed in your living room using a sofa or using your stair’s, however for photography/demonstration purposes outside was the most effective way for me to share it.

The workout is only 10 minutes long, you can use a timer on your phone to keep an eye on the intervals and as this is a short workout I recommend working to the highest intensity you can manage.

You start the workout by running on the spot and star jumps to raise your heart rate, then follow the 4 move circuit twice and finish with running on the spot and more star jumps.

the workout

To Start & Finish

Workout part 2

Do let me know if you try the workout and do you enjoy working out at home? I’m a huge fan as it often suits my lifestyle more than having to fit in the gym.




Please note I am not a personal trainer or fitness professional, please ensure you have a base level of fitness before trying this workout.

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