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Timex Ironman GPS Review

When I mentioned to my Mum that I was reviewing a Timex Ironman GPS watch, she laughed and explained that my first ever watch was a Timex. Those days seem so very long ago, back when a watch was simply a tool to tell the time. Now day’s we can’t switch off, they tell us our heart rate, approximate calories burnt, notify us when someone is calling or texting, take photos and apparently, we still use them to tell the time.

A few months ago I wrote about running without a watch and what a help it had been to me, I stand by that as I still spilt my runs 50/50 with or without a watch, rather than 95% with a watch. With this in mind, would it mean the simple but effective Timex be the right replacement for my old Garmin?

I’ll start with looks, as we live in a world that feels dictated by social media acceptance, having an attractive watch has become more important. Therefore, if you’re dictated by fashion and yearn for a rose gold/white combo to fit with your ‘Instagram Theme’ this might not be the watch for you. But, if you like interchangeable straps, a large screen and simple, unfussy design, you’re in luck.

For me, the most natural question would be; What does it have to offer?’

Well, to start there’s the very attractive fact you can use this watch not only for running but cycling and swimming too…

Key features include:

*Running Pace Alerts

*Time and distance is clearly displayed

*Water resistant

*12 Hour GPS Battery Life

*Easy to set up – I added my personal details which took around 5 minutes, then I spent a further 15 minutes to download and upload the GPS software.

*Lightweight design, I dislike large, clumpy watches and thankfully consideration for people like me was taking into account when Timex designed this watch.

*Cost effective at £79.99 this is one of the most budget-friendly GPS watches on the market.

Whilst the Timex doesn’t shout encouragement, store maps or remind you that you’re running with the grace of a thoroughbred. It does offer what I would consider the most important functions of a sports watch and I’m happy to say that it has replaced my previous, outdated and bulky watch.

What are your views on sports watches? Do you go for style or substance?



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