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The Underground Cookery School With Simply Health & Kate Cook

On Sunday the 1st December I was seriously lucky to attend an event with Kate Cook as the guest speaker which was hosted at The Underground Cookery School set up by the super people at Simplyhealth.

I was really excited about this event as when I heard that Simplyhealth are promoting healthy eating to reduce ageing and create better overall health…All I was thinking is ‘Get me there..I’ll be ready in 5 minutes I want 2014 to be the year I feel great’

The reason I’ve taken a little time to write about this is because I wanted to try some of the information/advice that Kate kindly gave me,give a full review of the day and then let you know how I’ve been getting on with my diet changes.

Plus I’m getting closer to 30 so naturally I want to feel good inside and outside..At 20 I thought a good face cream would do the trick with ageing and at 28 I now know it’s so much more…

My plan is to share some little nuggets today and make you drool with some delicious food pictures then I can tell you about how I’ve been putting some changes into practice tomorrow. Here’s what you should keep in mind..

*’Genes load the gun but lifestyle pulls the trigger’

You don’t have to follow the same road as your Parents, Grandparents, Aunties & Uncles..I’ve never mentioned it on here before but my father and brother are both Type 1 diabetics, I was/am determined not to become Type 1/2 diabetic in the future and know that by eating a healthy diet/exercising reduces my chances. 

*’Sipping water is the best way to keep hydrated’

I rambled on about hydration *here* and it really is much better to stay hydrated than guzzling glass after glass of water in a mad panic.  *Understanding the G.I Index and how it can affect our blood sugar

The G.I Index is fascinating and confusing at the same time, because some unhealthy foods have a much lower G.I than much healthier choices. The main point of interest for me was how certain foods can cause us those ‘highs’ and ‘lows‘ and I know some day’s I’m a roller coaster of high energy blasts and serious crashes.  The wonderful Folk at Simplyhealth popped together a review with some well worth reading hints and tips from Kate Cook, even if you consider yourself educated in nutrition it’s never too late to learn..Have a read *here*

All of us getting ready to prepare our 3 course lunch…

Our new aprons (that we got to keep) ~ Healthy Snacks to enjoy whilst listening to the talk and to keep our blood sugars balanced ~ Bloggers lined up ready to take on the chicken! 


It would be rude for me not to mention just how much fun prepping our meal was with ‘The Underground Cookery School’.They are helpful, the layout is so user friendly and not at all intimidating  and no one sniggered at my inability to deal with a large raw chicken or fish (it was staring at me..HONEST!). Plus I shared my huge enthusiasm towards peeling pears with the group (this was about the only thing I was okay at)


Our 3 course meal was amazing (thanks again guy’s for cooking and serving this feast) 

Let me talk you through it..

Starter: Fillet of mackerel with roasted beetroot and horseradish cream

Vegetarian starter: Griddled aubergine with garlic, chilli and thyme marinade, roasted beetroot and horseradish cream

Main: Grilled breast of chicken, with roasted butternut squash and puy lentils, balsamic reduction

Vegetarian main: Lentil burger with roasted butternut squash wedges Dessert: Poached pear with cinnamon syrup and a little vanilla icecream. 

The perfect balanced Sunday lunch washed down with a crisp glass of white wine and enjoyed whilst chatting away with other bloggers and the lovely lady’s from Simplyhealth. 

Getting ready to enjoy our feast..

I had such a fantastic day and I really can’t wait to update you all about my diet changes following this event tomorrow.

Should you fancy checking out some of the places/people I’ve just mentioned you can follow these links…



*Do keep in mind that Simplyhealth have been providing  people with cost effective health insurance plan’s for more than 140 years ~ The website includes details of the plans they provide, information their new ‘Back Care App‘ and more information on this event. 

**Please note I was invited to attend this event but all views are my own

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