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I like cardio.

Cardio and I are in what I’d describe as a long-term relationship.

I like most people started a heavy cardio routine as part of my weight loss journey, thankfully this has now evolved and started to feel less like a chore and more of a pleasure.

Over the past few years, social media has dictated the fitness trends and there have been stages when it felt like everyone was taking part in CrossFit, or signing up for a marathon. Then the following month the fashion would switch back to yoga, became a vegan and started lifting heavy weights. For a time it felt like everyone could dead-lift 100kg. That’s ‘everyone’, excluding me.

I don’t want to run with the crowd, I’ve tried endlessly to fit in and why should I when we are born to follow our own paths?

Recently I’ve really enjoyed walking, far more so than running and it’s been far kinder to my joints and overall well-being. Whilst I love running, I was stuck in a cycle where I couldn’t find that connection and/or desire to keep chasing my goals, so I’ve moved the posts, By running short distances more often, I’m enjoying the sport and maintaining a base level of running fitness.

Finding a routine with lifting weights has been harder for me, so the natural choice was to join a boot camp class so I could balance both my love of cardio and lifting weights. I really enjoy cross-training and feel more satisfied as a result of mixing it up, isn’t feeling satisfied and happy what it’s all about?

I did some research into weights vs cardio – I was meant with an array of messages, a vast volume where ‘info-graphics’ of women wearing thongs and a primary focus on weight loss, fat loss and aesthetics.

Hopefully in 2018 people will finally understand that chasing aesthetics isn’t always the way and these can be primarily dependant on genetics, diet and our overall lifestyle. Not just by simply weight lifting, or running marathons, or cycling across the country.

When we follow people that we admire on a physical basis, it’s easy to get caught up in misplaced aspirations. Spending time looking at lifestyle they lead, forgetting that we’re only seeing a snapshot and no reflection on health.

I think we all get so caught up with running, cycling and HIIT, we forget about walking, playing ball sports such as rugby, football, hockey, squash or tennis. These prove that cardio doesn’t have to be boring, if you don’t like something, change it. It’s hard enough these days with all these confusing messages being thrown around. If I was to recommend anything I’d say try a variety of sports and stick with what makes YOU feel good.

What are your views? Do you prefer cardio or weights? Or a mix of both?



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