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I didn’t go hard, I went home.

“For me, fitness is not just about hitting the gym; it is also about an inner happiness and an overall well-being”

I log onto Facebook, Instagram and Twitter daily, and I regularly see someone I follow reach a new personal best. Or I take a moment to admire miles run, the number of kilograms lifted and minutes knocked off an existing record. This can be a good thing or a bad thing but we need to keep in mind that Our fitness levels cannot be defined by a certain set of numbers. We are all so very different and a personal best for one person could be a warm-up for another.

In terms of fitness and overall wellbeing, this year has been my hardest in years and I’ve had moments when I’ve not been sure in what direction I want to go. There have been stages in my life when I’d leap out of bed, excited about running as the sun rises. Or I’d hardly sleep with the anticipation of an obstacle course race, or the prospect of trying a new class.

But this year, I’ve learnt to accept rest days and put more important things before working out. There are times when I’ve reflected and considered that if maybe I’d made more time to work out, I could have felt better. Yet, I chose to accept that I’m going forward, not backwards and wallow in not self-torture or disappointment.

By spending less time obsessively running, lifting and fitting in yet another HIIT workout, I spent time with people who mattered. I worked myself to the point of exhaustion and got close to breaking, the result is I now work at home, on my blog once a week, making time for what matters. My fiancé lost his father, during that painful time I wasn’t at the gym, I was there with the family, offering support, love and help. I’m prouder of the fact I might have made a tiny difference when it really mattered than I am of any previous personal bests.

Without running huge miles, I kept enough of a base fitness to complete 2x Urban Triathlons, 2x Wolf Runs and my first ever Tough Mudder – Mind over matter, slow and steady will complete the race.

If you ever find that you’re not reaching your previous goals, it might be worth moving the posts and being content with what you’re achieving right now? Just a thought…

I was mentioned in The Telegraph last week, talking about ‘falling off the wagon’ and I want anyone reading this to know, it’s completely okay to go home instead of going hard.



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