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How to make a DIY Flower Crate

Our wedding is fast approaching and I’ve decided to put all my nervous energy to good use, by embarking on some DIY projects. When I’ve mentioned that we are looking to make some of the props for our wedding, people tend to give me that look. You know, ‘that look‘, gone are the days of paper chains, balanced with colourful confetti and an obscene amount of balloons. Thanks to my dear friend Pinterest, Inspiration is available at my fingertips.

When I was starting to plan our Wedding Decor, my first place to visit was Hobby Craft, I picked up some beautiful balloons (See above *cough*) and fake vine to give them a more rustic/modern twist. A few weeks later, I was in our local Poundland grabbing sweets and these rather sad looking crates caught my eye. I picked up a couple and returned home, in over excited and garbled tones I explained to G that I wanted to paint them and fill them with flowers. Humoring me, he set me up with some spare fence paint and I set to work.

Suddenly there were looking considerably better, but my work was not yet complete! I’d ordered various faux blooms from Amazon with varying levels of success, due to the very low costs involved I could forgive the more disappointing packages I received. Whilst my intention is to keep the rest of our projects secret, I will be photographing and drafting posts about our successes and I can’t wait to share them with you after our big day.

In the meantime, since I received so many kind compliments on this floral crate, I wanted to share my very simple step by step guide, as this shouldn’t be limited to only weddings. My main advice is to spend a little more on flowers, quality over quantity and the same applies to greenery, I’d recommend viewing this before you buy. Finally, make sure you vary the length of the flowers when you cut them so that you can create a fuller looking display. As a matter of fact, can I just add? Don’t dismiss sad looking crates, you’d be surprised what can be upcycled.

Did you DIY any elements of your Wedding? If so, please feel free to share with me – I’d absolutely love to hear or read any blog posts you’ve written?



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