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My Wedding Dress…

Ever since I was a young girl, there was one dress I wanted to wear more than any other, and that was my Wedding Dress.

As you might remember, I spent a long time trying on tonnes of dresses, I’m sure we lost count 45(!) and I covered some of the “Not quite right…” options in this post. I found the ‘One’ at the end of a long tiresome day, I nipped into the Boutique on the way to another shop and I left with the kind of dress I’d been dreaming of.

I’d quickly established that a fitted gown was the ideal style for my figure, I’d never dreamed of a vast dress, my desire was for something embellished, elegant and with a slightly sensuous and detailed back. I found myself drawn to Pale Pink and Champagne instead of the traditional Ivory or White, so it was no surprise I fell in love with a dress in the palest Pink Champagne.

The shop assistant brought in the dress and hung it up with a comment I’d come to hear frequently, “This is out of your budget, but please try it on…” and when I stood back and looked at myself in this dress, with its delicate embellishments, beaded shoulders and floral lace, I knew it was the one. I called G and said I’d found the dress, and quietly muttered the price, it was the single most expensive thing I’d brought myself (apart from my car) and my stomach was in knots. Over and over I kept asking myself, “Should I spend this much?” – “Does this make sense?” and the answer is nearly alwaysYES.

Keeping with tradition, I decided to borrow some jewelry from my Grandmother, we spent an afternoon drinking tea and eating shortbread whilst trying my dress with various pieces. In the end, I settled for freshwater pearls, with a matching custom-made pearl watch and bracelet, all the pieces my Grandmother had lent me were gifts from my Grandfather over the years. Whilst pearls are traditional, they also worked in perfect harmony with my dress, I managed to find a delicate pearl hair piece and my mother brought me some beautiful studs from Pandora.

On the day of our Wedding, I woke early, admittedly slightly hungover and very tired, I felt calm, collected and ready for whatever would lay ahead. Until Sarah and Lorraine helped me into my dress, I looked back at my reflection and realized that this was the start of a whole new adventure…


Thank you all for joining me on this beautiful, crazy journey, I’ve received so many wonderful comments and can’t wait to share more about our day.

Mrs B


The little details…

All photos were taken by Rebecca Walters Photography

Hair and Make-Up by Natalie Wood, who is bloody AMAZING(!)

Shoes – Roland Cartier

Dress – Stella York

Earrings – Pandora

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