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Celebrating Our Engagement With Biscuiteers Biscuits

If someone said to me, ‘Tell me something about your partner?’ there are many things I could say. For example, I could share the fact that sometimes he drives me around the bend. Or the fact he makes me laugh every single day and that annoying trait of being good at everything.

He’s not really into fancy food, over the top public displays of attention or my annoying habit of photographing my food. However, he does love biscuits and If I make sure one thing is always topped up in our kitchen, it’s the biscuit jar.

When I found out that Biscuiteers had launched an engagement and wedding celebration box of customized biscuits, I knew that it was something we could both enjoy. Why would you want to celebrate with flowers, wine, and chocolate, if you could celebrate with biscuits? Well, all of the traditional gifts are great but these biscuits offer something that’s a little different.

Admittedly when the biscuits first arrived, I did think to myself ‘these look too pretty to eat’ but once I tasted the buttery iced biscuits all resistance was quickly forgotten. Each biscuit is handmade and iced, which adds to the charm and biscuits always taste better when a little love and care has gone into the baking. Not only are these scrumptious, they make the most stunning and unique Engagement or Wedding gift because let’s face it sometimes gifting is tough? Plus the tin makes a wonderful keepsake or somewhere to store biscuits.

Are you looking to gift a chocoholic? Fear not, there are options for chocolate addicts too! Plus ‘Biscuit cards’ which I think is such a fun and unusual idea. Encase you were wondering, I have a preference for edible greetings – Just sayin’

So tell me, what would your ideal engagement gift be? Something to eat/drink? Something to keep?



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