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Boudavida, Sportswear That Gives Back…

Hands up if you love new Sportswear? Okay, that’s an easy one because surely it’s a “YES!” from everyone. But, here’s another question, how about, the unbeatable high of a beautiful new outfit and the added bonus of knowing that 5% of every Boudavida purchase is donated to projects in women’s sport.

When Boudavida got in contact to see if I’d like to review some products, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. They have amazing ethics, with a strong female focus and beautiful designs. But they are also connected to a happy memory of mine, it feels that story is worth sharing. I first came across Boudavida back in 2016 when I ran a Women’s only 10km race sponsored by them in the beautiful location of Windsor. This race will never fail to make me smile because I parked in entirely the wrong place – An amazing start!. Meaning we had a 2 mile run before we’d even started the event. Then due to the fact we were faffing around, we ended up starting on a solo wave. It was the most beautiful run and the dramatic finish line was down the The Long Walk which made for a really special experience.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Boudavida Kit…

Firstly, when I receive new kit to review, it’s important that I put it through its paces for a few weeks, to make sure I give you my honest feedback. I’ve recently lost some weight, so I had a moment of bravery and ordered the Motion Cropped Leggings in a size 10. Much to my delight, they fitted like a glove. The material is thick, comfortable, and very flattering. I took them out on an 8-mile run and I was thrilled to have enough room for my phone and keys. They performed equally well during a sweaty HITT/Weights session, the waistband doesn’t slip and they felt super durable.

This season I’ve really taken to T-shirts, I love a looser fit whilst running as I find they keep me so much cooler. To me, being comfortable on my run’s is really important, I hate the idea of tugging with my clothing. I don’t want anything putting me off my pace. Therefore the Esprit Tee in white was perfect. I think the plain colour and simple design could look really fab with colourful leggings too.

As the season’s change, so does my fitness wardrobe and I absolutely adore the Spark Jacket. Even my husband commented on how nice the design was. Stylish, functional with lovely little hand/thumbhole’s which I absolutely adore. Also, the jacket has zipped pockets, sealed seams, a reflective logo, and a high-cut collar. I’ve worn this as a light jacket, to and from the gym, out walking and running. Honestly, Waterproof jackets have never looked so fabulous. But please note that Boudavida recommends sizing up, for reference, I’m wearing a 12.


I’m of the very privileged position to have tried many different fitness brands and I honestly think that the price and very high quality of Boudavida are hard to beat. Considering how carefully each piece is designed, with all the little things that really matter taken into account (I love pockets so much). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this brand and hope you’ll go take a look at their latest collection.

Katie x

Disclaimer – I was kindly gifted this kit but all opinions are my own.

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