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Aqua Parcs Milton Keynes Review…

It was a chilly and overcast Friday evening, we’d both had tough days and were ready to start the weekend with a smile. Therefore being invited to review Aqua Parcs Milton Keynes was just what we needed, after parking up and being given our wetsuits to change into we headed off towards the water to see just what Aqua Parcs would have to offer.

Aqua Parcs is a 120-meter long course on the water with over 30 obstacles, suitable for anyone over the age of 6, with slides, swings and unexpected twists and turns.

We were given a safety briefing and buoyancy aid, then led towards the dock, following a short swim we found ourselves clambering onto the over the inflatable walkway. This is the part where I’d love to write, “I ran towards the first obstacle with the grace of a gazelle” but instead I wobbled along like someone who’d had one too man pints at lunchtime. It wasn’t long before I was flat on my face, struggling to conceal the constant laughter and pretending to act like an adult. To be honest, after 5 minutes I embraced my inner child and that’s when the fun really started.

Don’t be fooled by the playful nature of the park, there were moments when it felt like only a crane and some serious manpower would hoist me onto obstacles. But, this could be due to my sheer lack of agility and limited balance skills, who knows? Regardless, after trying serval times, I often succeded or found myself splashing around in the lake, either way, I won. Plus, it is worth keeping in mind that this is a family attraction and there’s nearly always an easier alternative route.

Frequently Asked Questions…

*How much is a visit? – Each session is £20 per person or £72 for a Family Pass (4 persons) if you book online. These prices include wetsuit hire, safety brief, buoyancy aid and 50 minutes on the park, but the parking in Milton Keynes isn’t free.

*I’m not a strong swimmer, will I be okay? – This is tough to answer because it’s such a personal thing, I’d say that as long as you are comfortable in the water and swimming very short distances then you’d be fine. But, with all these things, remember to know and respect your own limits.

*Can I skip an obstacle? – Yes, you can jump off and swim around, although this wouldn’t be ideal during peak times. But often there’s an easy option and if I can do it, then you can do it.

*If it’s raining, should I cancel? – Unless the Parc has stated that it’s unsafe to partake in the activity a little rain won’t hurt you at all, after all, you’re going to be soaking wet regardless!

*What are the best obstacles – The slides, without a shadow of a doubt, I squealed like an overexcited child at a birthday party, whilst whizzing down the slides and splashing into the water.

For your viewing pleasure…

For more information…

All your questions and a chance to book a session can be completed via the official Aqua Parcs website.




Disclaimer – I was kindly invited in exchange for some social media coverage, however, I’ve put together this blog post as I had a great experience. I’ll only share things that I feel are genuinely worth the time, effort and money and we really did enjoy attending this event.

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