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Working On Stress Management & Self Care With Zenflore

As part of my journey to regain control over my stress levels and live a more peaceful life, I agreed to trial a new “Probiotic” called Zenflore. The reason I was so interested in trying Zenflore was due to the fact it’s a natural supplement, formulated to provide complete support for the mind and body during busy and demanding times. Which, to be honest, couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’m currently juggling two jobs, pending my surgery and the build-up to Christmas. Which let’s face it, often ends up being the most frantic time of year. Plus, just to add to the chaos we are about to start some minor home renovations, whilst that’s not a bad thing, there’s always the added pressure of trying to keep “on top” at home too.

Which leads me to ask, how can we recognize the signs of everyday stress?

The signs could include tiredness, worry, tension headaches, low energy, nervousness, loss of sleep and a weakened, immune system. Whilst we are likely to experience all of the above at some point in our lives when they come together it can quickly become an exhausting and sometimes dangerous situation.

How can we learn to manage everyday stress?

I frequently find myself wondering why as humans we are so hard on ourselves? I have a tendency to blame myself for every tiny error. Alongside this, I’ll elevate situations, giving them reigning power of my thoughts, preventing concentration and more often not, completion of the task at hand. A lot of these situations are down to my anxious mind and the fact I need to learn how to handle everyday stress.

With this in mind, to make the most of my trial, I put the following into motion:

You might want to understand how Zenflore works?

The 1714-Serenity culture in Zenflore has been shown in clinical trials to activate areas of the brain that are associated with emotions, learning, and memory and to reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.”

Zenflore includes cultures which are part of the family of bacteria given by mother to baby at birth and naturally at home in the human gut. The 1714 -Serenitas culture in Zenflore is also involved in regulating the immune system which plays an important role in health and wellbeing. All you need to do is take one capsule each day, without food and it can be purchased from Amazon or Precision Biotics.

How has Zenflore worked for me?

If I’m completely honest, I think it’ll take a few months of following a more considered and mindful lifestyle, coupled with Zenflore to see significant results. But please don’t let that put you off, it’s a known fact that all good things take time and reducing stress is something we can work on every single day.

How do you manage stress?



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