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Thing’s I’m good at getting wrong…

  1. The perfect amount of pasta, it’s enough for a small village or nothing.

  2. The amount of time that’s passed on the treadmill, it’s been 20 minutes, right? Oh, 6 minutes…

  3. The correct way to wear a swimsuit, I recently discovered that I’d spent the past 6 months wearing my swimsuit back to front.

  1. If I should risk tickling Lily’s belly or not…

  2. The moves to any kind of dance; I have my very own ChaCha Slide routine, it’s…creative.

  3. Left and right.

  1. Thinking I’d replied to a text/tweet/e-mail/FB message, when actually I’ve just replied in my head.

  2. What a serving 15/20g of Nutella/Peanut Butter actually looks like, my kitchen scales are wrong.

  3. Eating finger food in a neat and ladylike way.

  1. My name, I mean obviously I know my name is Katie but this whole change of surname is proving somewhat confusing for my small, overcrowded mind.

  2. After all these year’s, a small part of me believes that G will think that ‘I’m fine’ means I’m actually fine and not that I’m covering up what is bothering me. He knows that’s not the case when I say, ‘I’m fine‘ but I keep on saying it like a stuck record.

  3. Thinking I’m giving my G a really seductive look, then he asks why I’m going cross-eyed…

  1. Climbing into bed, settling down for the night and creating scenario’s that will never come true and are quite clearly incorrect and slightly insane.

  2. Doing one thing at a time, why focus on one thing when you can partly start 32 other jobs and leave them unfinished?

  3. When to stop talking.

  1. Makeup application, today’s look is natural with a touch of clown.

  2. Waiting – See treadmill minute, the same applies to a microwave minute and queuing.

  3. Convincing myself that I don’t read to write it down, of course, I’ll remember. Sorry, what was that you asked me to do?

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