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The 1 Metre Pizza…

At times, life leads me down some pretty tough roads.

Other times, life leads me to Pizza. Okay, correction, my Instagram Explore feed and general love of Pizza, leads me to Pizza. What Can I say, the Pizza life chose me and I like to obey.

There’s so much talk of Weight, BMI, the Covid-19 “15 pound gain” and so much negativity in general right now, I’m posting about delicious, comforting and easy food, to just lighten the mood. You see, what I want you to understand is that we only live once and if, just as a one-off, you fancy a metre of Pizza? Then that’s exactly what you should seek out.


I had no real intention of posting about this meal out, as a matter of fact, it was my first meal out in nearly 5 months. I was feeling a whole host of emotions; from excitement about catching up with friends and not having to cook dinner. Coupled with anticipation about keeping a safe social distance and of course, pondering what topping to go for.

But when I shared this picture, it felt like the internet had a different idea and so many of you wanted to share a little bit of joy in the shape of Murati’s Metre Pizza.

Okay, so, with this picture alone, I sincerely hope that I’ve sold the idea of an enormous delicious pizza, to share with friends, with a loved one or majestically solo? There are currently 3 locations for you to choose from, Newport Pagnell, Wolverton in Milton Keynes, and Olney in Bedfordshire.

Times are hard and very uncertain right now, I’d like you to know I’m not in any way shape or form, being compensated for this post. I do, however, love to spread the word about places I visit and enjoy, Murati’s was one of these places.

The Pizza was priced at a very reasonable £35.95 – You can pick 3 different pizza toppings (we went for ham and pineapple, meaty and caprese) and yes, there are vegan choices too! I would recommend booking, skip dessert, grab a sharing platter to start with and tag me in your pictures if you go!

Katie x

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