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Small Changes For A More Eco Friendly Lifestyle…

Recently we’ve started to make a more conscious effect to live a more Eco-Friendly lifestyle, not because it’s fashionable or “Hot Right Now” but because this is our future and it matters. I think that so many people believe that they can only make an impact with big changes; when the reality is each small tweak helps. It might be that you start cycling or walking to work or start to use a refillable coffee cup or water bottle. The same applies to simply taking a reusable bag with you to the supermarket or out clothes shopping, it all makes a difference.

Here are some of my personal tips on how to live a more sustainable life, without even noticing the change…

Avoiding food waste is so important:

My number one objective right now is to work on reducing our food waste, it’s important to focus on only buying what you’ll actually use. Alongside this, we grow a lot of our own vegetables in the garden and use the scraps to make compost for next year’s crop. By growing our own food, we are cutting down on unnecessary use of plastics, eating organic produce and saving money.

One of the easiest places to be more Eco-friendly is with your beauty routine:

I’ve switched to reusable makeup pads, which I simply wash after every use and not only are they saving me money, they are more efficient too! Shampoo bars are becoming a hugely popular option, alongside making homemade face masks using kitchen basics such as honey and oatmeal. I will always aim to refill our hand wash, rather than buying and using endless plastic bottles.

Recycle whatever you can:

It’s taken me some time to form a routine but we now recycle as much plastic and paper as we can. When buying furniture we look to upcycle when possible, which has the added bonus of giving us the pleasure of a more uniquely furnished home.

When buying new clothing, look for more sustainable options:

Sustainable Converse

Whilst fast fashion is not the most sustainable way to buy clothing, more retailers than ever are providing options to allow for a more Eco-friendly wardrobe. Over at they’re stocking a new line of Converse trainers, which are (or should be) and staple piece in everyone’s wardrobe. I was thrilled to be invited to the launch of these shoes which was held in a “Pop Up” at Coal Drops Yard.

Everything was recycled and/or able to be reused in future events, which is such a fantastic way to launch a new product. As a long term Converse fan, I was curious about how they were going to make changes to the most iconic and well-loved sneaker. It turns out that Converse has created something called a “PET yarn” which has been developed to mimic the properties of the traditional cotton canvas. Much to my amazement, these sneakers look and feel exactly the same as the original shoe.

Sustainable Converse
“Life’s Too Short To Waste” – Never a truer quote!

The Chuck Taylor All Star – Has the original canvas feel, but the upper is crafted from 100% recycled polyester that came from used plastic bottle and laces made out of recycled polyester.

Sustainable Converse

The Chuck 70 – Again, this has been manufactured with the original canvas feel, but upper has also been crafted from 100% recycled polyester that came from used plastic bottles and laces made out of recycled polyester.

You can check out the full Converse collection *Here*


I hope that you’ve found this post helpful, feel free to share any sustainable changes you’re making in your everyday life with me?



Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post between myself and – My objective is and always will be to share content that I think you’ll find interesting and informative.

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