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Seize the moment…

When was the last time you wore those shoes?

You know, the ones you saved up for or lusted after in the shop. Only to put them to one side for a special occasion, which means once a year or never. Or that dress, that one that slides over your curves and makes you feel feminine, womanly and powerful. I’d used to avoid wearing those dresses, they were discarded in my wardrobe. All because I had a fear that people may stare, I’d be overdressed and my confidence would dwindle.

This evening I put on the dress, admired the fact it embraced my extra pounds of crisp cold champagne, rich chocolate brownies and pools of peanut butter. I slipped on a casual jumper, primarily to ease off the chill and dressed it up with those little Gucci pumps I never wear. My fiance told me I looked pretty, I for once, accepted his compliment, rather than fighting it in the way I’ve been taught to do.

We got engaged this time last week, we didn’t make a big announcement, keeping it quiet, personal and meaningful. I allowed myself to embrace all those precious little moments, the sparkle on my finger and the way it makes me feel. My heart is so full of love, he’s the man of my dreams.

Moving on, I have another question when did you last run just for the love? Or lift a little more to feel empowered?

I’ve challenged myself to try and workout a few times a week without my fitness tracker, by taking away numbers and focusing purely on myself.  I’ll never remember the calorie burn or heart rate, I’ll remember the way I feel and the power it gives me. I want to enjoy my health, the wonderful freedom that comes from being able to move my body.

Yesterday I read an Instagram caption where the blogger referred to the dimples on her thighs as ‘adorable’. It brightened my day, what a truly perfect way to view one’s body? My few extra lbs this week are from the love of food, the dimples on my thighs are from being so wonderfully human.

I’ve read endless posts about how blogging has changed, how others are missing the point and the therapy of sharing words and pictures have been overtaken by the drive for numbers. We cannot compare success, satisfaction or joy based simply on statistics. Where is the love you may ask? It’s with you. Write about what you love, share photo’s you’ve taken in moments of joy and talk about how you ate that meal that didn’t fit your macros.

Blogging is my hobby, it’s also my therapy and I use these words to release my feelings and emotions, even if at times it’s hard to press publish.

After our recent moments of joy, we were faced with one of the hardest life experience’s this week and with salty tears, I ask you to seize the moment. Do that thing you want to do. Life is too short, we need to say yes to more adventures, accept our perfectly imperfect flaws and our slightly cranky minds.

Hold hands, hug with meaning, say what you really want to say and let’s stop trying to fit into the cookie cutter mould of ‘perfection’.



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