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Reflecting on April…

You’ll have to excuse me whilst I sit here and feel slightly horrified by how quickly this year has gone by, I packed a lot into April, therefore, the natural choice was to write a “Round-Up” post. After all, isn’t it good to have a catch up every once in a while? Almost like writing to an old friend…

Okay, I can explain, hear me out…

During March (not April – cough!) I was invited to a blogger event at Lush, curious about the appeal of Bath Bombs I went along and allowed myself to become immersed in all things fizzy and colorful. The following night, I attempted to try a bath bomb, with a floral scented chocolate truffle, realizing quickly that it wasn’t actually a miniature bath bomb but actually an edible matter.

I take eating very seriously, but Lush take making cosmetics that look and smell edible very seriously, can you blame me for the state of extreme confusion?

During April, I tried again, this time with an actual Bath Bomb, not a chocolate truffle. I was exceedingly keen to experience the joy that comes with lazing around in a tub of colorful hot water. My Bath Bomb of choice was a pink, glittery cat, which left the bath looking like a pink murder scene. I’m yet to find tranquility and joy with a Bath Bomb, but hey, I’m going to try again.

*Press Event – Gifted

I’ll let you into a secret if you want to spend time with me invite me for food or coffee; both if you want to be really outrageous. Lorraine, Nicole and I headed to Fawsley Hall to try out the 2 courses for £15.00 – Which, if you ask me is fantastic value, plus it’s served in a romantic country house setting.

Wild Garlic, Potato, and Onion Soup…

Breaded Pork escalopes, buttered greens, apple puree, and sage jus…

There was an option to bolt on a dessert, yet Nicole and Lorraine are sensible, I, however, returned home and consumed a whole Easter Egg.

I welcomed summer dresses, Atticus Poetry, and continued self-improvement into my life.

Whilst this might surprise some people, I’m actually a secret introvert, who sometimes takes the formation of an extrovert, confidence doesn’t come naturally to me.

I’m cautious, forever worried about being judged and not much of a risk taker, with these traits, I decided that things had to change. I can’t grow if I stay planted in the same place and I need to move on from my previous way of thinking.

Mollie came to visit Northampton; we started at Buddies American Diner, for I am the person who takes an American to an American Diner, yes, this is me.

We talked about work, blogging, finding joy and how tough it is to be 30+ when the fitness market feels dominated by young women who look “Cute In Gym Shark”. During our day, I discovered various bargains in a local charity shop, we raided TK Maxx and found Mollie “Just the right bag” and she marveled at how cheap glass of wine is here in Northampton.

Our day ended, how all good day trips to Northampton should, with cookie dough at Heavenly Desserts.

One of the most important things I learned in April, is just how empowering dining solo really is. I understand traveling as a lone female isn’t without risk, but there’s such beauty in seeing a place solo, at a pace that works for you.

You can read all about my day out and my recommendations in this post.

*Press Event – Gifted


How was April for you? Did you enjoy the unexpected heat wave?



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