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I’m not a big drinker -This is what I want you to know…

December is a month of excess; with spending at an all-time high (RIP Positive Bank Balance), eating everything in sight (RIP skinny jeans). Not to mention fitting in all the social events and hangovers- Horrible day long slumps which appear to get harder to shake with age.

You see, social events can be tough if you’re not a big drinker, I’m so fortunate that all my friends are understanding and never pressure me to drink. This is surprising to many people but I love being sober. I like being able to drive myself (and others) home and if I do drink? Well, let’s just call me a cheap date.

Do I ever drink? Sure, I love Champagne, Prosecco, Red Wine and of course, Pina Colada. But normally, one is just enough. The issue is, I’m sensitive to alcohol and whilst mostly I become livelier and maybe a little more exaggerated, sometimes I go too far. Suddenly I’m flying, spending money I don’t want to spend, making stupid comments I don’t believe in and I become thoughtless.

Then, It’s the comedown, I often spend the following day battling anxiety, mooching around in a daze, stopping only to hoover up beige food. Which does nothing for the whole situation, but does give me a temporary high. The upbeat, cheerful woman from the night before looks puffy, grey and suffers a complete loss of personality, it’s not much fun.

That’s not to say that I don’t have fun, because I have so many amazing memories, I really do enjoy just letting my guard down once in a while. I’m not always out of control, sometimes I just get, sleepy. But, let it be known that between the ages of 17-20 my body composition was 60% Big Mac and 40% Blue WKD.

However, there’s a real joy in being sober, I can remember everything, help when people need it, and provide safe, free transportation. I don’t need a drink to make a fool of myself, sometimes I’m just high on life and that’s good enough for me. The biggest thing I want people to know is that I’m not judging, for example, my kryptonite is dessert and I hate to be judged for going in for seconds. So, why would I ever judge someone for something that they enjoy? Answer – I don’t.

If you’re going “Dry” this January, then I hope you enjoy the wonders of the hangover-free world. At the same time, if you’re going to just enjoy every moment and go for a fourth glass of wine? Call me, I’ll drink diet cola and we can set the world to rights.

Katie x

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