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I am not the 8 stone girl.

I need a rant, a moment to get some pent up emotion off my chest..

Weight, it’s a tricky subject because despite what the NHS and magazines say there is no set ideal weight for all. Obviously, there are the set ideal weight ranges, there are our own personal desires (you know those ‘my life will be perfect when I weigh XYZ’ moments?’) and there’s our ‘happy’ weight when it just works.

A few months ago I read a few new blog’s (and old blogs) and noticed that a stream of the writers were all in the 8 stone zone and I would be outright lying if I didn’t (once) question why my body was not also in that range. The reality is, I’m not built that way (it’s cool) and very little is going to change that apart from a low-calorie diet (which would depress me) and working out even more (I do have a life).

When it comes to weight, comparison can be the thief of joy so I carried on being content with being me.

In my little world I run as much as I can, I climb when the mood takes me, I lift, I walk most days and I love circuit training.Oh, and you may have noticed that I love to eat, I’m a 2,2-500 calorie a day girl and it makes me smile.

On Monday I stepped on the scales, I was surprised to see that since my last weigh in (February) my weight had gone down and so had my fat percentage.


*Note – I’m not convinced the BF reading is correct!!!

I wouldn’t normally share my weight but for this post, it feel’s right, I will also share that I allowed myself a ‘scale victory’ and continued in the zone that I wouldn’t check in again for another month or so.

Then the following day I was ‘hit like a truck’ when my male colleague made a comment

‘Thankfully, those trousers cut a few pounds off you’

Maybe it was a joke? Okay fine.

Maybe I’m over sensitive.

Maybe people should NOT make comments about other people’s weights?

Maybe I should try not to cry at work

What I didn’t mention at the start of my post is that I read comments on blogs/instagrams implying these beautiful bloggers that I mentioned are fat, or could make improvements and when I hear comments such as the above, I can’t help but wonder what on earth people think of me.

I see young girl’s bragging about huge calorie restriction, I read magazines promoting 1,200 calorie diets or the perfect body…

And it all gets to me sometimes.


*I saw this on Twitter and LOVED it*

We are all just right how we are, it does NOT matter if we are not ‘the 8 stone girl‘ but the 7 stone lady or the 15 stone woman, the most attractive people are glowing with happiness.

I know it’s a big ask but I’d love to see a stop to thin shaming or fat shaming and making assumptions about people based on weight. I’d love to see/read/hear more people feeling happy in their own skin, loving the beautiful body they have and enjoying all the great things our bodies allow us to do.

It all comes down to You.

Only you can control how you feel, what affects you and what drives you, I’m not writing to dictate how you should feel but there’s no harm in saying I love me, I love all of me‘.

I do love me, I’m pretty content with my size/shape:

*I don’t have a 6 pack but my tummy is flat

*I don’t have thigh gap but my legs are strong and can run distances that surprise me

*I like my eye’s even though, I’m short sighted.

*I may have tiny melons but they suit my build and that’s cool with me.

Write down things you love about you, hopefully, you will feel liberated and happy, then refer to that list whenever you find yourself in a situation when you feel self-doubt or comparison..



P.s – This seem’s like a pretty good time to say, my post’s may not be as frequent over the next few month’s as I have a lot on. I will be updating my ‘Instagram’ and my ‘Twitter’ daily and I’d love to follow you on there so if you are a reader, please give me a nudge.


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