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How to feel better, for free or very low cost…

Somedays are easy and some days are hard…

I’m not sure if it’s winter, the fact I’m running around in circles (and sadly not pounding the streets in search of a new personal best) and it’s had an effect on my overall mood. Once I find myself in a funk, it’s pretty tough to battle my way back out and I’m confident that I’m not alone.

Whilst there’s nothing overly unique about my suggestions, for me, it’s about focusing on the little things that really matter. As surprising as it might sound, hearing an uplifting song as completely change my mood, as can an uninterrupted nights sleep (but that’s a whole different topic!)

Here is my favourite idea’s to feel better without spending or spending very little:

*Change your bed sheets, nothing beats snuggling into fresh sheets!

*Make pancakes and coffee, return to bed and enjoy your feast whilst reading your favourite blogs.

*Call or text someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or a family member, ask how they are – catch up!

*Cuddle or fuss your pet, very few things boost my mood as much as a cuddle with my cat.

*Search out song’s you’ve not heard in years via Spotify, iTunes, MTV (Etc…) and enjoy the memories that hearing those songs again bring.

*Open that really nice bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

*Set up a picnic, in your living room, garden or Local Park with your family, friends or partner – Simple but so much fun!

*Get outside, it doesn’t matter if you walk, run or practice yoga – Just enjoy some fresh air.

*Bake Brownies – Works every time for me.

*Tidy up. No seriously, tidying up gives me a real lift, I hate returning home to chaos.

*Volunteer, there’s always an opportunity at Park Run or with local charities – You’ll be surprised how uplifting it is.

*Go to a different city for a day, spend a few hours exploring, and don’t forget to take snacks.

*Have a sofa day and be completely unapologetic about it.

*Write a list of all the things you like about yourself, don’t be modest.

*Look for free events in your area, there’s nearly always something on and it could be the chance to try or see something new.

Are there any things you’d recommend? Feel free to share with me!



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