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Hey It’s Okay…

*To spend ages setting out a beautiful food shot, you made that meal so why shouldn’t you show it off? -(But my current IG situation isOh, wait, 10 likes? Dam, at least I got a good meal out of it…)

*To enjoy sex, and everything else involved with sex. It doesn’t make you ‘Naughty‘ or a ‘Slut‘ it makes you completely normal.

*When you find a song you LOVE and want to play it over and over again, 10x in a row? Cool – 20x in a row – You’re on fire!

*If you want to use an Instagram Pod, or support group or even a follow train – THAT.IS.FINE. It’s buying fake followers and using follow to unfollow tactics that make you an annoying person, but you knew that already.

*It’s okay if most of your e-mails start with ‘Sorry for the delay’ – Life is busy.

*If you want to go on a diet? Go for it, it’s your body and your own choices.

*Need a break? It’s actually more than okay to have a social media/blog/social break and not apologize for it, you don’t owe anyone. Amazingly, there’s actually more to life than working 14 hour days and/or being glued to your phone 24/7.

*Would you rather stay at home eating junk food, drinking tea and surfing the internet than go out? That’s fine, I’ve written some excuses here.

*No button nose, long blonde hair, and/or perfectly peachy butt? That’s okay, you is still sexy and loveable my friend, you don’t need to look like everyone else on IG.

*No ‘Girl Gang‘ or ‘Squad’? – No problems, no drama, no stress!

* If you don’t like cheese, coffee, avocado or protein bars, that’s fine – You can still join our club, especially if you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit (if you know, you know…)

*To ever feel like the only person the entire world who’s not listened to ‘My Dad Wrote A…’ (I need to resolve this!)

*No worries if you have tonnes of recipe books, thousands of recipes pinned and then all you make for dinner is beans on toast or cereal, isn’t cereal the best?.

*Are you more interested if Annie is okay, rather than if KiKi loves you? Me too.




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