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Dr Zak’s Review

I was recently contacted by Dr Zak’s to try their new range of protein nut butters, protein pasta and bagels. As someone who is completely addicted to peanut butter, there wasn’t a moment of hesitation before saying YES! After all, I was already a Dr Zak’s fan and curious to try some new products. Or just greedy, I think a big part of my enthusiasm is the fact I just love food!


On a more sensible note, I think as long as we remember that manufacturers adding ‘protein‘ to the label doesn’t mean it’s automatically more healthy. Enjoying protein enriched foods are a great part of a balanced diet.

So now I’ve said that, a natural starting point would be the nut butters:

*Salted Caramel – This is a flavour I wasn’t asked to review but had previously brought myself and felt it was worth a mention. If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely the nut butter for you and I really enjoyed it on my oat’s in the morning.

*Raspberry – I absolutely love this flavour and I’m trying to make it last, again it’s very sweet and perfect with apple slices ad more raspberries.

*Coconut and white chocolate – I was so excited about trying this however it did absolutely nothing for me and It could do with a stronger coconut flavour.


Surely I can’t be the only person who measures out the recommended serving size of pasta only to think ‘is that it?‘..

I don’t eat pasta often but I really enjoyed this and found it far more satisfying for a small serving than traditional pasta. which mean’s that this would be perfect choice for anyone tracking macro’s.


Protein bagels, I had high expectations for these as I absolutely loved Dr Zak’s Protein Bread (you can read the review here) and I wasn’t disappointed when I tried the bagels. My serving recommendation is to lightly toast, butter and pile high with egg’s and green’s for a mix of carbs, protein and fat’s.

You can view the whole Dr Zak’s range *here*

You can buy the range from *here*

Have you ever tried protein nut butters/bread before? What is your favourite?



Disclaimer : I was kindly sent these products to try and review, all opinions are my own.

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