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Althorp Food Festival 2018

In my humble opinion, the most important thing you can do on a Sunday is to prepare for the week ahead by enjoying plenty of really good food. Therefore, visiting Althorp Food & Drink Festival was right at the top of my  Sunday ‘To Do‘ list.

Almost immediately, my eye was drawn towards this darling little Prosecco Van, so it was only polite to introduce myself and capture one of the most appealing vehicles at the event. I was driving, so politely declined the prospect of something cold and fizzy.  However, given the opportunity, I might have relaxed in the sun, with a glass of something cold in one hand and something along the lines of this in the other…

Sorry ‘healthy foodies‘ when I’m within a few feet of a burger or a hotdog, all my good intentions drift away and I find myself sprinting towards to the queue.

Fortunately, for those with a more varied palate (aka those who can resist the lure of a hotdog), there was a whole array of cultural delights at Althorp Food Festival. From Tai, the Caribbean, Cheesecakes with all the toppings and even good ole pie’n’mash, because you can’t go wrong with pie’n’mash.  Fortunately, Vegan and gluten-free visitors were well catered for too! With made to order Vegan Pizza and various sweet treats which caught my eye as I was gazing longingly at all the stalls and wondering how much it was possible to eat in one visit.

It was lovely to meet some local suppliers, I’m a huge advocate of supporting local companies and The Sweet Bee is the most gorgeous old fashioned sweet shop, with ethics that would melt the hardest of hearts. Also, for any ‘Brides to be‘ reading this, they’ve launched a selection of stunning and unique wedding favours – Ideal for your big day.

What I didn’t expect from this event is what a fantastic location it was, especially for a day out feasting on food and sampling local ciders, beers and wine whilst enjoying the sunshine. We took a short break from eating and spent some time wandering around the Althorp Estate, despite this being on my doorstep I must admit to having never visited before.

As you can tell, I made myself at home or was it the fact I had to sit down after eating too much food? I’ll let you form whatever opinion you see fit. 

We rounded up the day at Althorp Food Festival by watching a live cookery show hosted by Shelina Permalloo who won Master Chef in 2012 and drew us in by her ability to make cooking a 3-course meal appear effortless. To round up the day, I took a Peanut Butter Cup Brownie home with me and ate it in a mild food coma on the sofa, because that’s how I roll friends.

Have you ever been to a food festival?



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