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2018 From My Camera Roll…

Some of the most important, raw and meaningful moments are the ones that don’t get shared on social media. The fact they are unedited, sometimes imperfect and the fact that they remind us that ‘Instagram Worthy’ doesn’t always tell the full story.

Let me share with you, some of my 2018 memories…

I spent some quality time working whilst wearing my very fetching cat blanket, I hope that our cat never underestimates my love for her. It’s weird, I know.

Testing jewelry with my Gran, Mother, and Sister a few months before the Wedding, this was such a wonderful afternoon. I spilled Herbal Tea down my dress, thankfully we recovered that little issue!

I found myself a den whilst exploring Wales, you’re never too old to find a new den. By the way, I didn’t make this den but I’m tempted to claim that I did.

We grew some gigantic Marrow and I became somewhat attached. The only issue was, we ended up with so many giant Marrows that we had no choice but to give them away.

Sunday walks in the countryside with my Gran, moments like these are so important – Even if I had to sneak into my sister’s house and grab her trainers!

We spent 40+ hours on a Mini Bus, interesting fact – We didn’t break up as a result!

Pre- Wedding Selfie, if I ever become rich and famous, I will hire Natalie to sort my hair and makeup every day. I didn’t wake up like that.

Sometimes people ask me why I’m tired all the time, I explain that our cat uses me as a human trampoline.

We went “Out Out” I got drunk and danced on the table, he pretended not to know me.

I briefly joined a girl band, but the tall one with the big smile kept trying to steal the limelight.

Pre- Surgery Selfie…

A cheery snap with my Mum, we went to watch Dad’s play in a band and she brought a picnic to the pub including homemade tiffin, fruit, and crisps. I really do love her.


2018 Was a fantastic year!



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