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Do I have an incredible 6 pack and the ability to dead lift 100kg yet? Nope. Have I lost weight? Nope.

Am I happy? Oh goodness yes.

I’ve been a whole mix of emotion’s and part of me almost wants to skip, the summary of the previous two week’s which were a uphill struggle at times and fast forward to the good part.

But that is not the objective…

I’ve tried to separate my diet and one or two negative parts with a section about what I can actually do with my body since this challenge (because, frankly it’s not all about looks) and some links to post’s I’ve found interesting over the last few weeks.

Diet Woes 

The day I felt really low: I had absolutely no energy at all for my workout and stopped after 1km, I could hardly lift my leg’s for a ‘V Sit’ and I wanted to give up completely. I started questioning everything, I decided I was getting ‘worse’ and not better and I felt frustrated with my fitness, relationship with food and wondering if it was worthwhile. I’m not sure if it was ‘timing’ or the fact my trousers felt tight or as petty as this may sound, a friendship situation that left me feeling worthless..

I’m absolutely shattered: I can totally understand why people (myself included) give up on strict diets/plan’s because sometimes life gets in the way, all it takes is a few late nights and BOOM! I’m shattered. I leant back on my bench this AM for some shoulder work and thought ‘I could just go to sleep instead’ alas going to sleep on a weights bench won’t get me those ‘gain’s’.

I started to feel unwell, then I realised why it feel’s like it’s all going wrong..

After reading this article I realised that I was experiencing a variation of the ‘Low Carb’ flu and it made me question how often I want to carb cycle and that perhaps if I want the best from *my* body this was not for me long term.  It was only on week 4 I really found myself struggling and I noticed that I was losing all that wonderful energy I’d enjoyed (and taken for granted) previously and no wonder I was sitting in a complete daze, desperate for meal time.

I started allowing my thoughts to drift to bowls of creamy oatmeal, roasted sweet potatoes and freshly baked bread with lashings of salted butter – This whole experiment felt stupid, unrealistic and there’s only so many bowls of porridge you can stare at before wondering if you are, actually on the verge of going insane.

Low Carb Flu –  A brief summary: Complete loss of energy, sense of humour (okay, I added that one), common cold symptoms such as headaches, achy muscles, sore throat and generally feeling very run down.


I had a chocolate binge: I’m only human okay? We had a box of these amazing Prestat chocolate disks and I found myself consuming them at the speed of Usan Bolt whilst chilling on the sofa one evening. I was tired and I wanted chocolate in excess, I’m not going to make excuses…

I picked myself back up out of my ‘slump’: A big part of this challenge is the mental part, we are completely in control of how we feel and how we ‘want to feel’. It’s easy and natural to let others dictate our moods but sometimes as hard as it may feel, we need to say ‘enough is enough, I’m going to go and kick ass’. So I downed a glass of water with lemon (that’s how I roll these days), covered up the clock to prevent the desire to time watch and cranked up the work volume.

 Then towards the end of week four it all started to change..

Suddenly on my ‘high carb’ day’s I had tonnes of energy and a it was all starting to feel good..

*I went climbing: I hadn’t climbed for months and had my apprehensions, however my body remembered the technique and I left the climbing wall feeling happy and content I still have some climbing ability.

*I moved up a dumbbell weight: I am fully aware I won’t make improvements unless I keep changing my routine and moving up the weight level, so I shook things up a little. There were a few workouts when I had to drop to 8 reps to accommodate the change, I’m aiming for progress and not perfection.

*My squat technique is improving: Finally! Hurrah! I had a few PT sessions previously to work on my squat and I feel like I’m slowing progressing with this move,I have the muscle soreness to confirm it.

*Meal time has more variations: I realised I needed to make the most of my ‘high carb’ days and started enjoying more potatoes, rice and some ‘throw it all together and bake it’ protein cakes. I’m really liking spending more time in the kitchen and seeing how my body reacts to different food, personally I’ve found Instagram to be a great source of inspiration.


*Inner peace: Towards the end of week four I had a few moments where I felt really genuinely good within myself, I felt proud, strong and happy – It’s a wonderful way to feel.

What have I read and loved?

Sophieology 1200 Calories – Please, if you take one thing from this post, make it reading this blog.

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Oh, I know it’s been done time and time before but here’s why you shouldn’t always trust ‘before and after’ pictures – Here’s me at 11pm feeling bloated and rather dis hearted and there’s me again, with different lighting around 1 minute later….


Talk to me – Do you vary your diet? Have you carb cycled? Ever taken your own before and after photo? Do you ever day dream about food?