There’s something about pick’n’mix that makes me so happy, it brings back those childhood memories of whizzing into Woolworths unattended and buying as many sweets as possible for £2.50. Which, for your information was a lot of sweets back in the day. They even had a separate section for chocolate, toffees, and caramels, I’m so thankful I was a child of the 90’s.

When it came to planning our Wedding, one cheap and playful element I knew we could include was our own Pick’n’Mix stand and I made it my own personal mission to put together the most scrumptious selection of sugary delights. I started by buying a selection of jars from Poundland, you can order plastic sets online from eBay but I wanted a mismatched look and prefer glass. I then ordered a set of tongs, scoops and headed to Etsy to find some custom sweet bags, so that our guests could take them home if required. 

I wanted a broad selection of sweets, with just the right amount of nostalgia so I grabbed a selection of old-fashioned boiled sweets,  and took full advantage of the 5 for a £1 sweet selection at Tesco. I picked up classics such as sherbert dib-dabs, trolli burgers,  rainbow drops, chewits and harbio. Due to the warm weather, I only added a small selection of chocolate, including peanut butter cups, m’n’m’s, chocolate coins, kinder bueno, and Cadbury Freddo bars, which, for your information are no longer 10p. 

To create a more rustic display I added additions such as flowers, table confetti, and a classic picnic basket, you can buy all of these pieces from Hobby Craft – I think I’ve kept our local store in business during 2018.  You might find my simple tutorial to create a flower crate helpful. 

Are you a sweet fan? Did you include a dessert table at your Wedding?