If someone was to ask me about my current relationship with running, I’d say we are working through this tough time to become stronger together.

A few weeks ago, I ran the Boudavida Women’s 10km and it was the first race I’d attended without making the time for training, I wasn’t aiming for a PB, I wanted a race without any pressure. Okay, I lied. I always put some pressure on myself for some unknown reason (I’ve got 99 problems and none of them are real).

Lorraine and I set off early, once we’d found the ‘right’ car park, I ate my breakfast in the car (I’m consistently classy my friends) and we headed off to find the start line. Pottering along, lost in conversation and enjoying the sweeping grounds of Windsor Great Park, it became apparent that perhaps, possibly, we were going in the wrong direction?

A friendly group of volunteers advised us that we were just over 3km away from the start line, we had 25 minutes before the race started and we were clearly living life on the edge.

Our gentle stroll became a run, amused by our lack of direction but determined to make it on time, we increased the pace and made it to the start. By then, we were gloriously sweaty, after a quick change into sports bras instead of our matching t-shirts (unexpected) and a wild frenzy to locate bag drop, we started the race.

With a hint of embarrassment, I need to explain that Lorraine and I started the race, on our own personal wave, due to the fact everyone else had already started. Can I just state, this is not something I make a habit of!

We ran up The Long Walk, chattering away and apologising to other runners/walkers as we passed, by the 3km point I was desperate for a bottle of water. I stopped, faffed around drinking my water, grabbed another to drink along the route and we continued around the course.

I really wasn’t on form, Lorraine was easing along, I, on the other hand, was running slower than normal, spending too much time focusing on my garmin (like it was the TV) and my uncooperative legs.

I stopped..

I walked..

I ran a little faster…

I told Lorraine to continue without me (she didn’t)…

I then finally eased into a relaxed pace and found my running flow again for the final 3k…

The course was beautiful; it was hard not to feel happy in the unexpected sunshine, running along such a scenic route and ending on The Long Walk with The Castle in the horizon. It was hilly in places, but the long sweeping downhill sections made up for this; I’m of the opinion that this would be an ideal PB race destination for many runners. A smirk appeared on my face as I typed the last sentence, I couldn’t have been further from a PB nevertheless, and it’s not always about setting a record.

Crossing the finish line felt awesome, our efforts were rewarded with a lovely t-shirt, water, medal and my personal favourite, a melted mars bar (which I pretty much, inhaled #health).


Would I recommend this event? Absolutely! It’s ideal for experienced runners but a perfect event for a first 10km, Windsor is the perfect place for a spot of recovery tea and cake too.

You can check out future events here 

Have you raced recently? Have any of you gotten into the London Marathon? I wasn’t successful this year, probably a good thing with my current running!



Disclaimer: Race entry was kindly provided for us, all opinions are my own.