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Healthy snacking has really upped its game, gone are the days when your only options are a diet ‘low fat, low taste, sugar packed cereal bar’ and thank goodness for that…

Right now the options are more varied than ever I feel thoroughly grateful that a selection of companies have sent me some snacks to try.


Kind Snacks

A little act of kindness goes an awful long way, I was delighted to take part in the ‘Kind 31 Day Challenge’ which supported ‘The London Sports Trust’. In simple terms, the aim was to spread awareness of how awesome Kind Bars are, workout every day and share a little kindness.

Sharing Kind bars is something I found hard because they are so.darn.good some of the flavours include: dark chocolate and peanuts, coconut and almond and caramel, almond and sea salt. However you’ll be impressed to read that I did share and everyone was really impressed with them, I’m not alone with my nutty addiction.

Everything that goes into these bars is pronounceable, they taste like a real treat and to quote Kind:

‘Taste bud’s only live 10 days, don’t let them die in vain’


Halo Wholefoods 

Halo Wholefoods are a new family run company, which is a huge selling point for me as I feel it’s really important to support these type of businesses.

I love bliss ball’s, but I’m yet to create the ‘perfect’ recipe in my own kitchen and this where Halo comes in. I can honestly say these were the most delicious bliss ball’s I’ve ever tried, they don’t have a overpowering sweetness and are wonderfully satisfying.

I will be ordering more bliss balls and can’t wait to the salted caramel next, frankly if salted caramel is involved, I’m a fan!

Halo Wholefoods follows a simple philosophy; to share a passion for nutritious and delicious food which is good for you, tastes great and makes you feel amazing.


Wild Thing

Half way through January I made a decision to start eating Paleo(ish) and whilst I won’t go into details today, these bars have been fantastic in supporting my new style of eating.

Whilst Wild Thing bars may look small and slim, looks can be deceiving as these offer a tasty snack that won’t cause any blood sugar spikes. They are paleo, vegan, and gluten free which makes them an ideal snack choice for all lifestyles.

What makes the bars great is the natural taste of the ingredients and the beauty of the recipe. We put a lot of time into choosing only the best ingredients to make our paleo snack bars.

What are your favourite healthy snacks right now? Anything new I should try?



Disclaimer: I was kindly sent these bar’s to review, I always offer my honest opinion and only write about products I would buy with my own money.