Whilst I may not be ‘plant based‘ or vegan, I have to admit to being consistently impressed with every ‘Deliciously Ella‘ recipe I’ve tried. During our girls weekend in London, I finally had the opportunity to cure my mild hangover with breakfast at ‘The Mae Deli’ and take home tasty baked goods.

I was recently given the chance to test Ella’s two products for Neals Yard, this is an unusual choice for me as I don’t normally write about skincare. However, as I already use Neals Yard and am a fan of Ella, I thought I’d give them a try and share my thoughts with you.

The Mae Deli


Snuggled in along Seymour Place, this cosy deli is everything a ‘healthy’ foodie could dream of. The friendly staff suggested we pop our suitcases downstairs with our table so that we could spend time admiring the dishes and picking breakfast, a little touch that we really appreciated.

I wish I lived locally because quite frankly I wanted to try EVERYTHING, however, this  could be because I’m gluttonous and sometimes very indecisive. I settled on a huge (I’d say around 100g+) bowl of warming creamy porridge, with a huge dollop of almond butter, granola and stewed apple and cranberries.

My friend Lorraine is gluten and nut free, she was delighted with the number of choices available to her and enjoyed a plate of pancakes. Once we had chosen, we settled downstairs in the seating area and enjoyed our breakfast, It was absolutely delicious but I just couldn’t eat it all, which is a first for me!

It would have been rude to have left without a few cakes, I took home a slice of carrot cake for G and he demolished it within seconds so it must have been good. I also, treated myself to a ‘peanut butter slice’ and it was divine, a chocolatey/nutty base, with date caramel  layer and finished thick chocolate, I’d return just to eat that again.

Deliciously Ella For Neals Yard 


First things first, I would buy this product just for the smell alone, if you love the smell of Turkish delight then this is definitely the one for you!

Perfectly packaged and suitable for all skin types, the Rose, Lime and Cucumber facial wash and moisturiser left my skin feeling clean, soft and sweet smelling. I’m a huge fan of the fact Neals Yard is against animal testing and contains no synthetic colours or fragrances and some of the ingredients sound good enough to eat.

How about the pricing? The facial wash retails at £16.00 and the moisturiser is £25.00 which in my opinion is a reasonable price for quality, natural skin care.

Would you use it again? Skincare is a tricky subject to write about because it’s such a personal thing. Fortunately for me, these products suited my sensitive and prone to breakout skin really well and I would use it again.

Where can I buy the products? You can buy ‘Deliciously Ella For Neals Yard here.

Have you ever visited the Mae Deli or tried these products? What’s your favourite winter breakfast right now?